Question For Protestants (if any are here)


You do realize that this is going to take a long time to tell. It always does, when starting from zero.


Yeah, I know. :unamused:. And it is always starting from zero.


True. So it is.


lol. One need only spend a week at CAF to know that Catholics do not all believe in the same doctrine.


Triumphalism is the attitude or belief that a particular doctrine, religion, culture, or social system is superior to and should triumph over all others.

And this is s straw man. There never had been a Protestant Church to be divided. The One Holy Church is divided, sadly, and that division includes all of us.


Are we to interpret from what you write here that somehow the murder of the Anabaptists by both Catholics and Lutherans was totally justified?


How in the world would you come to such conclusion?

No, I’m only pointing out that there is not now and never was a “Protestantism” that fractured and splintered. There have been several, separate Reformations by many exclusive groups. The only common ancestor Lutherans and Baptists have is the Catholic Church, not each other.


What we all have in common is the Holy Spirit and how we must all be grieving Him!


Exactly! Until, men in the 16th century strayed from docility and took it upon themselves to attempt to privately interpret Sacred Scripture.

I do not know what ‘Church’ you speak of, because if the Church is ‘One’ with a capital ‘O’, then it is unified, not ‘divided’! I do not protest the Catholic and Apostolic Faith that is safeguarded by the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church; I left that ‘division’ that includes all of protesting Christians years ago.


What does that have to do with what the Church defines as doctrine?


You mean like the Bishop ofvRome did in clsiming supremacy.

Some more triumphalism? The fact is we are all members of His one true Church via Baptism. There are some who claim Catholics are not part of the Church. That is triumphalism and they are just as wrong


Sure, but can a baptized Christian be cut off from ‘His one true Church’?


Yes. By loss of faith, not by membership in any one tradition within the Church.


Thank God We have the Magisterium to teach us the True Doctrine and don’t depend on our own personal and falible opinions like our protestant brethren.


So, as long as one is Baptized and has faith, that person is in full communion with the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church?


Essentially. Mark 16:16. Do you have a scriptural reference otherwise.


And many Catholics, too


Mark 16:16 refers to the Apostolic, full deposit of faith, not to ‘faiths’ of ‘strange doctrines’, i.e. “Do not be led away by diverse and strange teachings” (Heb 13:9). I cannot think of anything other than Protestantism that encapsulates diversity in its teachings. Can you? Do you really think that the diversity of different doctrines within Protestantism comes from the Apostolic, full deposit of faith once delivered, 2,000 years ago?


Oh. So it excludes universal jurisdiction


Does it not appeal to your conscience, ever-so-slightly in the least, that of all the many questions I have asked you, you retort with statements solely regarding either ‘universal jurisdiction’ or ‘triumphalism’ and leave many questions completely ignored or intentionally unanswered? Have you ever pondered these questions and desired to even attempt at answering them? Or, is it perhaps that because your conscience knows the very basic and obvious answers, but seeming incorrigibility prevents you from being honest with yourself at wanting to answer the questions? One more time:

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