Question For Protestants (if any are here)


Jill, my now 86 year old mother was raised a devout Protestant. She vowed she would never convert to Catholicism. I’d tried for many years because I wanted us to be a complete Catholic family not a Catholic and Protestant family.

One day, while she was in the hospital, she questioned the person who came by to give me the Eucharist. I was stunned by her interest. After the person left, I questioned her to make sure she was serious. One thing I asked her was, “Are you doing it as a favor to me?” (I am a cradle Catholic.) She said, “No.” I cautiously asked her what made her change her mind. She said she felt the Holy Spirit was working in her. My mother converted for the right reason. She converted for God.

You see, Jill, no one can make someone become Catholic. Trusting in man and not God is a common mistake many Protestants make when if you stop to realize that Jesus is not only God, He was also born fully (hu)man. If Jesus (God) wants your mother to leave her Protestant religion and become Catholic, she will. Jesus is, after all, the Founder and the Foundation of the Catholic Church.

He will bring Catholics into her life who are a fine example of our living faith in Him. Catholics don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk. We go where the need is and live our faith by helping others. We don’t just talk about our love of Jesus to others. We show our faith and our love for Him by going out among the people. Many Catholics are in service oriented professions like teaching and the medical field.

Why don’t you study our Catholic faith with your mother? Go to Mass and see for yourself. You may feel the Holy Spirit at work in you as well and you may decide to convert too.


Catholics don’t worship gods or a god in human form. That is a common mistake Protestants make about us. We worship the One, TRUE God. Those people Protestants think we worship (ie: the Pope, the Virgin Mary, the Saints in Heaven) are merely an excuse for Protestants not to learn the truth.

Do you consider yourself a Christian, undead_rat? Do you know that if you convert to Judiasm you will have to give up your belief in Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Or are you planning on becoming a Messianic Jew?

Why don’t you watch “Discovering The Jewish Jesus” on TBN and other stations before making such a drastic decision about converting to Judaism?

Tell me, if Jesus did not come to live on this earth and then to die for your sins and for the sins of the whole world, why did He come? Do you not realize that He took on the sin of the whole world and willingly suffered for us so that we would not have to suffer the full wrath of the Father? If He had not done that for us, we would all be in Hell when we die. None of us would have a chance of being with Him and with His Father and our Father in Heaven.

Like it or not, Jesus loved us that much. He wanted to spare us all the pain and suffering and so much more that we truly deserve.


Both Protestants and Catholics worship Jesus as a divine being. That is the same as worshiping the human form of God just as the pagans did. I was not talking about the Pope or Mary or anyone else.

In my opinion Jesus allowed himself to undergo death by torture in order to provide mankind with a perfect example as to how to follow YHWH’s primary Laws: to love and trust our Creator, and to love our neighbors. With all due respect to the Anglican and Catholic Churches, I really don’t think that our Lord’s terrible suffering had anything to do with persuading our Creator to forgive sins. After all, Jesus did have the power to forgive sins, and He could have forgiven all of mankind’s sins at anytime. Therefore, He did not need to undergo such a terrible torture for that reason.


Get aclur. Clue!!! Catholics are required. To go to a church. Or go tohell


And why should Protestants and Catholics not worship Jesus? He is God the Son. He is our Lord and Savior. Do you really want to deny Him the worship that He deserves?

Romans 14:11 - “For it is written: As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”

Jesus may not have needed to undergo such suffering and torture, iyo. But He did it for us. He did it in obedience to His Father and to our Father.

And I didn’t say that you were speaking of the Pope or Mary or anyone else. I said that many Protestants make the mistake of thinking that Catholics worship them.


Um, there are many Catholics who can’t get to Mass who watch it on television. Are you going to claim they will go to Hell because they aren’t physically present in their parish?

Please learn the truth about the Catholic Church and those of us who are Catholic. And stop spreading these outrageous lies.


Because my dad is a Lutheran minister my grandfathers were Lutheran ministers 3 of my great grandfathers were Lutheran ministers. I’m here to learn about my wife’s mother’s faith.

Also my sister married a Catholic as well and I could never say what his grandmother said after my dad married his daughter about our faith. “We need Church now after that shame service to an illegitimate child.”


As a Catholic, I couldn’t say that either and I’m sorry she said such a thing.


Nice answer. But i have seen the oppisite.
Because catholics donot get any smarter.
Non catholics have the anointing of the holy spirit. And as saint paul taught . the 9 gifts or ministry of power.
But people want to believe in some type of god


Do you think that error could possibly apply to yourself? After all, Catholics claim the power of the Spirit as well, so the primary way you tell us apart seems unable to apply here; since, again, we both invoke the Spirit. :man_shrugging:


Yhanks … As saint paul said in 1cor 14:24-25-26
When you meet at church. Bring a prophetic psalm. … A hym… A psalm a word a revelation.

This is what some do




And Paul also said “Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle.”

We Catholics are just trying to serve and worship in those traditions.


What about the Eastern Orthodox? Do you accept most Catholic dogmas except papal universal jurisdiction so that is why? You seem from your other posts to be well informed and reasonable so just wondering what your reason for not being Easter Orthodox is (if any specific).

GOD bless!


Thank you for the kind words. There isn’t an Orthodox presence near enough for me to consider. If there was, I would. That’s not to say I’m unhappy where I am. On the contrary, I’m very happy.
OTOH, I am a western Christian, so it would be interesting.


i apologize

my best friend is russian orthodox
i didn’t mean that post the way it came out :frowning:


Accepted, given one half of my family is Russian Orthodox you may imagine why I am somewhat touchy on the subject.


One of the main reservations I have about returning to the Catholic Church (in the unlikely event I’m ever able to do so) has to do with homilies. Having been raised a Catholic, I heard a great many homilies in a great many churches. And, well, let’s just say I nearly always had a difficult time getting through it without having my mind wander off, usually without my even realizing it. Then once, at a particularly difficult time in my life, I encountered one questioning God’s willingness to help us. Unfortunately, I made it through that one, and it precipitated me into a spiritual crisis I’m still not completely over.

In contrast, whenever I visit an Episcopalian church, I never have difficulty listening to the sermon. They’re nearly always inspiring and frequently helpful.

I realize that the Eucharist makes up for the bad homilies, but I’m pretty sure if I ever come back I’ll feel the same sense of spiritual near-starvation I did when I was Catholic.


Yes you explaied it well :grin::grin:
And everything you said was acuarate haha


Please clarify your statement that “catholics donot get any smarter.” (I’m sure you mean “do not” and forgot to add a space between the two words.) It is comments like yours that cause dissension between Catholics and Protestants.

I haven’t seen any Catholic here (on CAF) claim that Protestants don’t have the anointing of the Holy Spirit. What many Catholics, myself included, have stated is that Protestants don’t have the fullness of truth.

Please clarify what you mean by “the 9 gifts of ministry of power.” It is not a phrase I use although having attended various Protestant denominations and churches, I may know it as something else.


This seems to be a very popular reason. We just got a young priest at our Church and I hear this statement weekly. Since you already said…

…I won’t say it. You hit the nail on the head here.

I just wanted to share a discovered I made a few years back. I came to realize that it is not the job of the Priest to keep my spiritual appetite full. That is the job of the Church as a whole. Some priests and parishes do it better than others.

I just wanted to put it out there that the Church can provide the Spiritual food (not just talking the Eucharist here), but we are the ones that need to cooperate and bring that food into our bodies. The Church has many resources out there. I discovered once I started listening to CAL, Called to Communion, and Open Line Monday. As well as every audio talk I could get my hands on, started making a habit of reading books by Tim Staples, Dr. Scott Hahn, Jimmy Akin, Gary Machuta, etc… my spiritual stomach wasn’t just full it was starting to bust at the seams.

Basically, the point I’m making is once you start doing your daily “Bible Study” outside of mass you no longer go to mass praying you can get something out of a bad homily. I haven’t found many Priests that could get close (in a 10 minute homily) to anything covered in one of Dr. Hahn’s books.

I hope this didn’t come off as preachy.

Just food for thought,

God Bless

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