Question For Protestants (if any are here)


please check out this great site that will hopefully open some doors


You did not answer my questions. How does one know when one is filled with the Holy Spirit.


I am sorry to hear this. The comments of one bigoted Catholic does not reflect what our Church teaches. The Catholic Church does not teach that a child from a mixed faith is “illegitimate.” I myself have issues with the LCMS and the confessional Lutheran statement in the book of Concord which states the Pope is the Antichrist. I am saddened and used to be angry as I almost converted to the LCMS after my divorce when I read the Primacy of Peter. The words spoken by Luther often seemed vile and hateful. I read the Bible cover to cover in two years reading Jane Fryar, NIV version during this Bible study held by this Church.

The Pastor also gave weekly lectures on Sunday after their service which I attended after my divorce when I was frustrated with the Catholic Church. He had a master’s in Exegesis from the St. Louis Seminary and it was FANTASTIC although it was oriented to confessional Lutheranism such as the Pope is the antichrist etc, I learned a lot especially about the Old Testament.

I did put my “Catholic glasses” on while there and came to believe the entire Bible pointed straight to the Catholic Church after that. My experience in the LCMS with confessional Lutherans was wonderful, with people who were warm and welcoming and no pressure to convert. When I left it was difficult and now I profess my faith fully in the Catholic Church which I do firmly believe is the true Church Jesus founded. After two years of attending (and of course never participating in the Lord’s Supper) I had a hard time leaving and the Lutherans will always have a little piece of my heart. I miss many there.

The Benke dispute really made me realize the Church needs a final arbitrator, the Holy Spirit speaking through the Pope/Magisterium. Well educated Pastors on both sides of this dispute disagreed with each other and this congregation was greatly divided over the issue.

I know of a LCMS Paster that disowned his own child because he converted to Catholicism so this works both ways! God bless you and yours. I always hope this Catholic Answer Forum will lends itself towards a better understanding of other denominations. God bless!~


Thank you, boodha97, for your kind words. Your question about what I mean by religion can be answered with a broad interpretation, meaning any of the thousands of man-made attempts to connect with the divine. At the moment I don’t believe any one of these has any particular advantages over the others, but very much like what Catholicism offers. My focus has always remained within Christianity because it is what I am most familiar with, having spent the majority of my 60 years pursuing it. But I don’t feel, at this time, that there is any one truth to be found among its many thousands of splinters. As I said, I like the variety that Christianity offers and have found a huge source of interest within Catholicism. It may well be that I will spend the rest of my life attending Mass, possibly even deciding I want to take the step of becoming Catholic. But that’s not where I am just now.

As for when I decide it’s time to depart the service, that is my choice. If it ever becomes an issue with a priest it would be the last time I attend that parish.


What is wrong with believing that salvation comes when you Believe Jesus is the Christ? John 3:16


It is really a sad state of affairs Jill. You go to the church that fits most of your beliefs but how do you know your beliefs are correct. My guess is that the answer will be : “Well, I am guided by the Holy Spirit”. Considering that there are over 3,000 protestant denominations in the US, you rightly questioned if the Holy Spirit has split personalities and the answer to that is no. So who decides what the correct beliefs should be…no other than the Church that existed from the time of the Apostles.

In Galatians 2: 1-2 Paul, prompted by a revelation and after fourteen years of preaching to the Gentiles, went to Jerusalem with Barnabas and Titus to meet with the leaders of the Church. He laid out for their scrutiny the Gospel as he preached it to the Gentiles to make sure that the course he was pursuing or had pursuded was in conformance with the teachings of the Church. That Church was, and still is, the Catholic Church, the one Church that has the authority, and infallible, when making decisions regarding faith and morals. Note that Paul had a revelation but still went to meet with the Apostles. Who do Protestants go to to resolve doctrinal or theological issues? Note also that Peter was a sinner, yet he was the head of the Church; so was/is any Pope.

Come on home Jill to Mama Church. She is there waiting with open arms. Think about all the Saints that died; they were all Catholics. Think about the Bible; it was put together by the Catholic Church and protected through centuries of mayhem until today. After 1,500 years of Her existence some fellow comes and starts talking about Sola Scripture and justification by faith and whatever else that fancied his imagination.

The rituals of the Catholic Church will apppear strange and incomprehensible to you at first. But gradually, you will get used to them and you will understand. Please hold on and keep asking the Holy Spirit for help.


We never discussed the sermon when we attended Protestant churches. My mother was a Protestant most of her life. And after she attended Protestant services after having been away for so long, she was appalled at the way they taught rather than what they taught. That is what we discussed.

Regarding beliefs, no. Mama went to the churches of her parents. There was no choice about which one she would attend. Her daddy said she was going to church. She went to church.

Mama went to Protestant churches until she married my father. Then she started attending the Catholic Church since she had promised to raise any children they had as Catholic. She converted in her later years.

Since Protestants believe they are saved (“once saved, always saved”), why do you feel you must work out your own salvation? What does that mean to you?

The Catholic Church is different from Protestant churches. The Catholic Church has Jesus Himself as its Founder. Protestant churches have ordinary men as their founders.

There are Missals in front of you in each pew. Pick one up and you will see all the responses Catholics make. You will understand what is going on by following along, listening and observing.

There are also many books you can purchase which explain the Mass and everything else so that it’ll be easier for you to understand what is going on.


Come home to Mother Church, WesArm. You won’t regret it.


Just found this site and saw the post; I just had to respond.
I am a Missouri Synod Lutheran, have been all my life. I’ve never really thought about swapping to Catholicism, and I’m not really considering it now. The main differences that I have seen/heard between Lutheranism and Catholicism are in the Sacraments, and in prayer to Saints and such. I know some peopel have referenced praying to saints above, but not being raised with that it just feels odd to me not praying directly to God.

When it comes to Sacraments, the sharpest distinction I’ve seen is the classification of Communion. As a Lutheran, I take Jesus’ word “is” quite literally when he references the bread and wine being HIs body and blood, a view I’m told that is differnt than Catholics.

However, I deeply appreciate my Catholic brothers and sisters, and wish that denominations could reconcile. Unfortunately, due to the brokeness of human nature, I don’t think its possible outside of Heaven.


I simply don’t believe there is one true church.


Do Lutherans pray for one another; I suppose they do. So if sinners like me and you can pray for each other, why can we not ask the Saints, who are purer than us, to pray for us. Or is it that you do not believe in Saints.

Either the consercrated Bread and Wine are the true Body and Blood of Jesus or not; they cannot be both. If the consecrated Bread and Wine are not the true Body and Blood of Jesus, then Catholics are breaking the First Commandment by worshipping innanimate objects. If, on the other hand, they represent the true Body and Blood of Jesus, then Lutherans are denying Jesus. We will know with certainty after death but it will be too late for one of us.


Is it possible that your belief could be wrong. If there is no one true church, how many true churches are there. How do you define a church; how do you define a true church. There are over 30, 000 protestant denominations in the US alone. Are they all churches.


Lutherans give their reason for not invoking the saints directly in their confessions. It is an acceptable practice, however, to ask God to hear the prayers of the saints on our behalf

No Lutheran well catechized would say it is both.

If you can find in the Lutheran confessions any reference to the notion that the bread and wine merely represent His body and blood, id like to see it. (Don’t waste too much time looking. It’s not there)


Great question, although you kind of undermine it with the 30,000 number.
The answer is yes, there is only on true Church- the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, that both Catholics and Lutherans (and others) confess and are members of. It is a visible Church where one finds the congregation of believers gathered around word and sacrament


OSAS has its roots in the Calvinistic perseverance of saints. Not all who are labeled Protestant hold to either.
Lutherans do not.


I was Lutheran most of my life, and am now continuing Anglican. Christ is the founder of the Church, regardless of tradition.


Yes it is entirely possible that my belief could be wrong. It is also possible that because beliefs can change, mine could.


What Lutheran Church do you attend, LCMS, ELCA, Wels or some other? The Churches vary greatly regarding their adherence to confessional Lutheranism as professed in the Concord book (which teaches the Pope is the AntiChrist, LCMS< WELS) and the ELCA Lutherans support abortion, homosexuality , and same sex marriages in some churches.
Catholics profess to the true presence in the Eucharist as stated in the Bible. This IS my body, This IS my blood given up for you. The Lutherans I know, state their pastors say “in with and under” the etc. What does your say?
I also know a lot of Confessional LCMS Lutherans and find them wonderful conservative Christians. God bless.


My church is LCMS. And yes, you’re right, “Lutheran” is quite broad nowadays.
In with and under is the official doctrine, but the pastors just use Jesus’ words in the service itself.


How could they be founded by Christ?

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