Question For Protestants (if any are here)


One Church. Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. Established at Pentecost by Christ Himself. That fact is not diminished by human divisions


How so? Mind explaining to me? You can message me if you feel that would be easier.


No. That’s okay. It is your thread and I’m happy to respond.

From the earliest time of the Church, therecwere differences and disagreements. In the early Church these disagreements were ar times mediated by the Bishop of Tome, and indication of his primacy doing the bishops. But large controversies are solved by councils.

Even after the great Schism, when the use of truly ecumenical councils necessarily ended, there was just one Church, the universal Church, that we, baptized believers are members of.


They weren’t.


Oh Jill! I understand where you’re coming from! I prayed & prayed for God to show me TRUTH! I’ve had opposite experience as yours: if I think of all the times I’ve been lied to, betrayed, ridiculed or disrespected in some way- it’s ALWAYS been at the hands of a Protestant! Of course I know some wonderful, devout Protestants too! However, I’ve known many self- righteous, hateful ones.
Then- I met 2 Catholic women who LIVED out the love of Christ in front of me.
The joy, devotion & peace they had/have- I wanted! I still attend my Protestant Church- for now, because of the logistics my life right now.
But I know I WILL convert. WHY? Because I didn’t take someone’s word for it- I started studying what Catholics believe. I actually went the a bookstore & bought The Catechism of the Catholic Church & read it for myself. Then I read everything else I could get my hands on and I prayed- a lot! I watched the Catholic station EWTN.
No, Catholics don’t pray to the dead or worship idols or Mary. They only worship God! And they pray the same Apostles Creed that the Protestant Churches do, which if you know that Creed- it states exactly what is believed by the person reciting it!
Go on YOUTUBE & listen to Father Mike Schmitz -he explains things really well, he’s funny and he’s cute! :slight_smile: Here’s one of his videos-


Hmm i see. Can you give me sources please?


A source for what? The Schism?


No that the pope doesnt have universal jurisdiction maybe a book or something? A writing from the church fathers would definitely be appreciated.


Where does it say that he does. Not in the early councils. In fact, Nicaea canon 6 seems to state the opposite, that the different sees have similar jurisdictions.

Scripture certainly doesn’t. Christ at one point warns the disciples against setting a pecking order.


I’m not that knowledgeable about scripture could you please give me the verse?


Mark 10:41-45 is a starting place


Alright thank you any others?


I’m cradle Lutheran in a Lutheran country, from a clerical family.
I’m reading these and other forums not so much for myself, as for possible Catholic family members to make sure there is as little controversy and upheaval in our shared daily life.


That’s weird, I’ve had the same experience you have but it always comes from Catholics at my wife’s church…usually just from being the “wrong” type of Christian.

Eitherway, I don’t like to or tend or try to paint with such a broad brush. Sounds like it’s just “people be’n people”


Its a good question.
Before I start, I notice every denomination of Christianity has their own versions of Bible.Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant etc…
Protestant made their bible by removing some chapters and make it adaptable for their believes and they teach on the basis of that bible.

Catholic too have their own version,they teach several believes that is not in the bible. Why they don’t incorporate it to their bible? Intercede to Mother of God (God have not mother, Jesus had mother, when he is in human form. Once he resurrected he is God again), Intercede to saints etc. So people not may confuse.

1)As per bible, Jesus is the only mediator, but Catholics teaches out of the bible all saints are mediators.
( As for me, Father on the thrown, Jesus and Satan as advocates. One to protect and the other asking punishment for the sinner. If its in a legal court, even a witness is to be produced,only the Judge permits.)

2)Purgatory. Why Catholics teaches it out of Bible.Why they are not incorporating it into their bible so a protestant can join Catholic.
3) Why Mother of Gods manifestations not incorporated in Catholic bible and Pops (if he is in the rank of Apostle) decrees.


The One True Church is firstly, spiritual, not literal. Why? Because Jesus is our Chief shepherd, and He leads us from His throne in heaven, a place outside of time and space.

He is invisible to us, yet He rules His church every day. Therefore, the Church is also literal and physical, on the earth with many facets, sects, flavors, traditions and customs. All of them call upon this one true Shepherd for guidance.


Would you say the same thing to someone trying to break away from the Catholic church?


no i wouldn’t

and why would anyone want to do such a thing;

if that is your intent, what are you doing here on CAF?


How do you interpret Matthew 25: 35 - 46 ?


Some people will say that a true church is a church which will lead them to heaven by their teachings and by the good example of their members, especially of their clergy.

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