Question for radio listeners in the Chicago area

What happened to the Catholic station-Relevant Radio on AM 820? It doesn’t seem to be on any more.

I’m not in Chicago, but it appears their lease was not renewable.

We were informed only just recently that the lease agreement with Relevant Radio for WAIT 820 AM, set to expire at the end of November 2007, will not be renewed. Therefore, we will no longer be broadcasting Relevant Radio on 820 AM as of November 25, 2007.

The good news is that RR is now available at AM 950 (WNTD). :slight_smile:

And also on AM 930, and AM 1550 in various suburbs. Depending on where you are and time of day one of those may work as well or better.

I live about 80 miles west of downtown Chicago, and commute to work even further west. The move was disappointing to me, since of all the stations, 820 was the one that came in best, but I can hardly pick up 950 at all. Fortunately, 930 is usually good as well.

I am also quite disappointed. Relevant Radio said that 950 AM would be heard after dark (which 820 AM wasn’t). Unfortunately, after dark and on the weekends, 950 AM is a foreign language station. I am in the northwest suburbs (about 30 miles from the city), and I can still hear 930 AM then, although it is not always clear.

I live in the southwest suburbs and, although 930 comes in clear during the day, it is difficult to pick up at night and early in the morning. The other station barely comes in at all. The biggest disappointment, for me personally, is that RR was replaced on 820 by a politically liberal radio station which had been on a weaker signal. It used to be Air America, but now calls itself something like Progressive Radio.

Now that the company owns 950, they are selling off 930 and 1550. I think that is a dumb idea, as none of these stations really has good full coverage over the entire metropolitan area. If you don’t like it, or can’t receive 950 well, you may want to express your concerns to the organization.

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