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My dh and I bought an RV and it is stored at on parents property. We were recently out there to wash it when we noticed thousands of big ants had made their place of residence in our bedroom slideout. :eek: I killed many that came into the bedroom and we killed the ones outside in the slideout. I heard that there is a dust powder that we put around the RV to prevent bugs from coming in. Does anyone know what the name of it is or have any other recommendation to keep bugs of that magnatude out of the RV?

We are putting the RV up for sell due to the Parkinson’s disease of dh. I am afraid to drive that big thing. We need to keep the bugs out to sell it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!:rolleyes:


Borax or salt…
Insects don’t like either. Borax is also great for roaches. Go buy yourself a box of 20 Mule team from the laundry section of the store and use that… don’t get those expensive little boric acid powder containers from the pest control section.

The other option is table salt… however if it gets on grass or live plants near the RV… they will die. I did a serious line of salt when I found termites in my back yard… at that point, I didn’t care if I killed grass… just no termites in the house!!!


Thank you. I will try the Borax and pour it around the RV while it is in storage. Have you heard of Savin dust? I found the checklist before going on a trip and this was on the list to keep bugs out. I am sure Borax is cheaper and I will get that though.

Thanks again.:thumbsup:


Ants found a food source, and then they leave a sort-of sent trail to lead all the other ants to that food source.

Elmimnate the food source and clear the scent trail (scrubbing with bleach, then when you put down the borax that will also confuse the scent trail).


The ants made their home on the outside part of the slideout. There is no food there and there is no food in the RV at all. I don’t know how to explain where they made their homes, but when we took the slide out of the bedroom out, they made their home on the outside rubber part. I think that rubber part is suppose to keep bugs out, but we have some space, for I can see the outside light as the slide out is going out from the RV. Some came in as a result of us spraying them with Raid.

I also heard that peppermint oil drops in some water to form a spray is excellent also to keep them out of the RV. I sprayed the RV today. From what I read from searching the internet, it’s suppose to keep the bugs out. Wasps are also making them homes in some of the holes that the RV as outside of it for different vents and such.

I am not to happy that all these bugs are getting more out of the RV than we are.:rolleyes:

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