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As some of you know im new to the Catholic faith and wondered is Sterlization surgery sinful?

Yes, it’s a sin. It interferes with the capacity to have children.

Really? Dang this is quite different from the Methodist church, on the bright side i have to be held still for injections so theres a pain ill get to avoid, vaccines are ok right lots of myths about the beliefs out there

May I suggest you get a copy of “An Examination of Conscience.” It’s put out by the LeafletMissal Company (they have a catalog with lots of stuff). I know there’s more than one listed, but this one has a purple cover. Ok, more like lavender. Anyway, it seperate Mortal sin, Venial sins and Imperfections. Plus it gives prayers for before and after confession. I’m on my second copy (I wore out the first one). Don’t feel like you have to learn everything by a certain time or anything like that. Keep studying, yes. But it will come with time.

Hi T,

Yes, Catholics believe that we should be open to life during times of sexual intimacy, so the sterilization of sexual organs would be considered a sin.

The question of vaccines gets a little bit stickier in the moral sense, as some of them have been created from aborted fetuses. However, I don’t know that this is even common knowledge. I found it as I was looking up vaccine information.

Chicken Pox, Hepatitis A and Rubella (German Measles) Vaccines have been created by using aborted fetal cells, and there aren’t any alternative vaccine sources yet–for receiving these vaccines–from what I have seen on-line.

These vaccine lines go way back to aborted fetuses from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The Vatican considers this to be “morally evil.”

At the same time, according to an article that I was reading from 2005 from a Catholic newsletter, we are to weigh it out for ourselves, if we have a sick child for example, and decide that we need that vaccine.

Some families decide not to let their children receive vaccinations for various reasons.

They don’t believe in foreign bodies being injected into the child’s body, etc. Some people also object to the vaccine being made from animals/chickens.

For myself personally for example, I receive an annual flu shot, as I am in a high-risk category for the flu.

Maybe get it laminated to prevent your wearing it out- more seriously i look into that

Does that mean planning around the females “cycle” would be wrong too

I don’t understand your question? Are you talking about a family planning question?

Could you explain further?

Yep sorry bit shy here, yes im saying planning around peak points in a menstral cycle


I am sorry if I embarrassed you. That was not my intent. I just wanted to make sure that I answered you in the best possible way, and that I understood what you were saying.

O.K. If you were practicing what is called “Natural Family Planning” in the church–and there are several different methods of NFP–there is nothing wrong with working around the female’s cycle.

I will give you some examples here. There may be times when your wife is ill, or is on medication, and you may want to abstain as a couple.

To clarify nothing wrong with avoiding the parts where pregnency is more likley?

I am editing my answer because you are correct and I misunderstood what you are trying to say.

Yes–you are correct. There is nothing wrong with abstaining at certain times of a woman’s cycle.

I misunderstood you and thought that you didn’t understand what it meant to “abstain.” My mistake.

ok thanks for explaining this

NOTE: Many doctors will refuse to treat your children if you refuse vaccinations.

So is it ok for me to get a flu shot?

You’re welcome, T.

I hope that I could help you out. :slight_smile:

Yes, Phil. It is my understanding that some doctors will not treat children who will not get vaccinated.


You are welcome to come on the forum any time you have doubts about the faith. Another way is to look up questions in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. One can get one as a reference book or simply access it online. I have done it both ways.

So, one would look up “sterilization”…Catechism of the Catholic Church online, and it’ll come up with something like this.

Scroll down to 2373. It explains why the Church takes this position.

Thank you to all of you for your answers- God Bless

God Bless You, too, T. :slight_smile:

I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Good News About Sex and Marriage by Christopher West. It will not only tell you the Church’s teachings on sexuality but will explain why the Church believes what it does. The Priest who is preparing my fiancée and me for marriage required us to read it. It’s awesome, and a used copy can be had for around $4 on Amazon.


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