Question for the ladies...

For the women here who use NFP, are you “regular?” I plan on using NFP when I get married but my cycles are not regular and it worries me. I was wondering if anyone here had that issue and how you dealt with it.


Hi Kim! I use NFP and I am as irregular as you can probably get. As long as you take your temps correctly and consistently and make the other observations, you can use NFP. I have cycles anywhere from 30 to 53 days long. And my periods can last anywhere from 6 days to 2 weeks! The great thing about NFP is that you learn all about your body and you get to know yourself very well. I, too, thought that I could not use NFP because of irregularity, but that was because I was not educated about NFP and had an OB/GYN that pushed the pill. When I mentioned that I wanted to try NFP (after using nothing for years) she had the audacity to tell me that she didn’t think I could do it. All that temp taking and charting and so forth. I don’t know if she thought I was lazy or just stupid. I am neither, and I haven’t gone back to her since. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do this!! Good Luck and God Bless!!

You can definitely Plan your Family Naturally even if you have irregular cycles! It’s great that you want to start even before you’re married–that’s what I did, too.

Because your cycle (mine, too) is longer and less predictable, you might want to consider learning the sympto-thermal method, which combines charting 1) morning temperature patterns, plus 2) cervical fluid, and also 3) cervical position. You’ll be amazed at how confident you’ll feel. Try to get your hands on as much information as possible–I cannot count how many web hours I logged just trying to learn as much as possible about this amazing & intricate design of God’s called the female reproductive cycle!

Also, I was worried that because of my cycle’s irregularity, I might have difficulty conceiving if it indicated some sort of hormonal problem. I would have been able to go to our nearby NFP fertility expert fully prepared with my years of charts…excepting that we DID conceive & that wonderful little life will make his or her face known to us in December–yahoo!

I am pretty irregular, and I have short cycles. I use the Creighton method, which is mucous observation only. Works well.

I have 5 little ones, my oldest just started school, so I only have time to do a quick mucous check each time I go to the bathroom…I really can’t do the temps (besides, I tried and it didn’t work that well), and I don’t feel comfortable doing internal exams on myself (for cervical positioning).

Lots of luck. You can do an internet search, or try to find an NFP instructor in your area…that helped me mostly having a person to discuss this stuff with if there was something I didn’t understand.

I’d just like to add a suggestion to the great ones already posted…

Try the book “taking charge of your fertilty”.

It was the first book on the subject that I read. I found it very easy to understand.

The sooner you learn about your body’s cycles, the better. I was on the pill for over 10 years until I recently realized the error of my ways. Now, it is a little complicated. My cycles are totally messed up and my body is still adjusting to coming off the artificial hormones. Plus, I am married so we have to be extra careful until I really am sure of what is going on.

Good luck!


I have very regular cycles, always have, but it seems to me that NFP would be great for someone who is irregular. By temping and checking your cervical signs you can tell when you ovulate, and your period will follow about two weeks later (unless you’re pregnant, obviously). I would think knowing when to expect your period would prevent unpleasant “surprises”- these always happened to my friend in high school, she only had three or four periods per year and never knew when they would start. Plus, if you’re trying for a pregnancy, you know when you’re fertile, and you can up your chances of conceiving.

We use the Creighton Model, too, and it’s just as effective without the extra temp taking and internal checks on the cervix. Also, since there is a lot of medical info that you get about your cycle from your chart, the Creighton Model is unique in that there are actually doctors trained as Medical Consultants in the method who are able to interpret and correct any hormonal or other problems causing your irregularity. This medical science is called NaProTechnology (NAtural PROcreative). It’s Awesome!!

(ps–I’m a practitioner in the method, so if you have any ?s, please PM me) :thumbsup:

Wow, thanks for all the information. I feel much more at ease about the subject now than I did before.

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