Question for the marrieds; How did you meet?

Title says it all :rolleyes:

As a single youngin It would be fun to see how some of the catholic couples found each other. Those who dont mind sharing their story, please do :thumbsup:

We met through He’d been on the site for about two years, and I for one, before we met each other. Each of us had met other people through the site, but it hadn’t worked out. (Not disastrously, you understand, just not the right person for either of us, and that was usually clear after the first date. :slight_smile: ) Corresponded for two months, dated for nine months, engaged for six months, we’ve been married now for almost ten months, and our first baby is on the way. :smiley: It was kind of long-distance, as we lived 4 hours apart during the dating and engagement, but if anything that helped us learn to communicate more, which was particularly important as we’re both introverts who aren’t naturally very talkative. Amazing what talking on the phone nearly every night for an hour can teach you about communication… :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing we liked about the online format was that we knew from the first read-over of the other person’s profile that this person was solid in his/her faith, as some of the profile topics include NFP/contraception, Mass attendance, belief in certain important tenets, and so on. This eliminated some of the initial awkwardness associated, I imagine, with a lot of “real life” first dates when one is trying to figure out if the other person is potential spouse material.

I put online dating, but that’s not exactly how.
We met on a forum we are both members of, but dating is not its primary purpouse. I posted in a new thread for people who are looking for company, anything from sports to serious relationships. I was a little lonely, many things were changing in my life and my friends’ lives and I just wanted some new company, I didn’t have anything specific in mind. He sent me a message and we started talking.
We PM-ed, IM-ed and Skyped, but we both thought we the other person was too different for a relationship. Well, turns out we were just right. We started dating the third time we went out. We got engaged after nine months and married on our third anniversary. It’s been nine and a half months and it’s going great! :slight_smile:
I should say that he wasn’t Catholic at the time, and I was only loosely Catholic. That has also changed for both of us since then.

We met (38 years ago!) peeling potatoes in the Navy. :rotfl:

We met at a fraternity party his fraternity was throwing in college.

We met through friends; my friend was dating his roommate at the time. I was a fallen-away cradle Catholic, and he was somewhat anti-Catholic, undecided on religion in general, but he did believe in God. We were married within six months of our first date–certainly not something I’d recommend for everyone, but God does work in mysterious ways! :wink:

About 5 1/2 years after our wedding, we both joined the Catholic Church and had our marriage convalidated.

We have six children, and will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary next month. :smiley:

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I met my husband 50 years ago, by cashing my very first paycheck at his place of business and he looked for me at where I worked. It was on my check. My boss introduced us, she knew him. We were married 8 wonderful years and had 4 boys, before he died in an accident.

Several years later I was back home visiting family and I met a guy I had dated in High School and hadn’t seen for 12 years. We started dating and married a year later and had 3 boys before he died of heart failure,18 1/2 years later. That was 30 years ago and I decided that was enough. Both my husbands were converts and I am soo thankful for that. God Bless, Memaw

In the era before widespread internet usage, our local radio station had a “date line” - phone version of internet matchmaking. A brief phone conversation was enough to eliminate most guys I was matched up with (pre-email) and the few I went out with were blah - except my future husband who was the only one who was willing to attend a “children’s” film with me (even though we were in our late 20’s/early 30’s).

Yep - our first date (and love connection) began with mutual admiration for Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, and Foghorn Leghorn during a premier of Space Jam :slight_smile:

I was impressed he was willing to go (aka have fun) - he was impressed that I let him buy the tickets but paid for his diet Coke. Add in our similar upbringing (both Catholic - youngest of 7 for me, youngest of 8 for him), our sense of fun and adventure (second date was ice skating - though neither of us really knew how) and it all got better from there :smiley:

Nurse at hospital. He was a resident. He chased me until I caught him.:smiley:

I was her boss, but transferred and then we started dating. The transfer was for different reasons. I recommend dating women who are your subordinates, that way they are already used to doing what you tell them to in case you get married.

:hmmm::ehh: That could also lead to sexual harassment charges…

Not if you aren’t sexually harassing anyone.

It appears many do not marry the boyfriend/girlfriend they have/had during secondary school and/or university.
What is the essence of these romantic relationships without the view or anticipation of marriage?
Should adolescents avoid them?


He said I was stealing his equipment:blush:

actually it was his chairs and containers, we worked in the post office. His tour was the one before mine and I needed equipment for the mail and chairs to sit on to separate the mail to its station. We got married a year later.

And of course your wife knows this…right? :stretcher:

We went to the same college and despite having a number of mutual friends never met until several months after graduation. One of the mutual friends took me along to a party at her house. Neither of us was looking for a “relationship,” both of us having just having gone through miserable breakups, but it eventually kind of grew on us. :slight_smile:

I really hope this is a joke, though given what I’ve read on CAF in the past… I’m not so sure.

We met here on the CAF - here in the family life section, actually… :smiley:

Long-distance relationship - him in KY, me in VT. Chatted for 6 months, dated for 13 more months before getting engaged. I moved to KY 3 months later, and we got married 3 months after that. (And we had a 2-month-old daughter by our first wedding anniversary!!) :thumbsup:


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