Question for those who have completed RCIA

This may sound odd, but as Confirmation drew closer, did you become very doubtful of yourself? What I mean is, that you could make it to Heaven, or that God would help you remain in a state of grace?

Remember doubting Thomas? God will finish what He started in you. You have been apportioned with the amount of faith needed for God’s purpose right now. I wouldn’t sweat it. Pray for your faith to be increased, if you have concerns. Talk to a priest for counsel. We don’t call them father for nothing.

It’s the Devil working overtime.

The closer you get, the harder he is working to stop you.

I remember being terrified that something would happen and that I would die before I was baptized. I think that anything this momentous is bound to have your mind scrambling not to mention the evil one trying last minute tricks to try to steer you on another course. Pray, and know that we are praying for you and all those who are preparing to enter the church this Easter vigil.

As Confirmation drew closer, I grew conscious of my own sinfulness and the task before me. If we trust and believe in God’s help though, we can have confidence that he will complete what he began and give us the strength to finish. Without this, it quickly appears impossible.

I was received into the Church before RCIA was established, however as I got closer to confirmation I became fearful that Catholicism is all a big delusion. As a Protestant I was fearful of handing my judgement on doctrine to someone else, however I could see that it was “either-or”, that is, **either **I submitted my judgement to the Church, **or **I kept it to myself.

I went through RCIA in 1985-86. I don’t remember being doubtful. I had gone to Catholic school for 5 years and had been thinking of being Catholic for 2 of them, so I was pretty certain about my decision.

Trust God and His goodness. Share your doubts with those who can help.

The time before confirmation during Lent was hard - surprisingly hard. I had wanted to be received into the Church for many years and now with weeks to go I wondered if that was really what I wanted.

I have heard people saying that they were attacked by the Enemy. That always seemed more than a little melodramatic until last year.

What you are feeling is probably very normal. We have sponsors, RCIA programs, and priests for a reason, so please talk to someone if you are having trouble overcoming your doubts. God wants us to come to Him together. :slight_smile:

I’ll pray for you, just as I am praying for all the catechumens and candidates in my parish’s RCIA program.

You’re almost home.


I had alot of doubts…but mostly about whether God could really love me enough to forgive my many, many sins!!.

See, I had never been baptized as a child, so as a 40+ something adult, I was baptized…and by that time, YES I had accumulated a long list of sins.

But what was the most awesome about the conversion experience, was when my Priest finished baptizing me …(privately with just my sponsor present)… and he turned to my sponsor and said he was slightly envious of me at that very moment, because at the moment of baptism, all my former sins were washed away… ALL OF THEM!!!
And that neither he nor my sponsor, could match me in that state AT that particular moment, because they couldn’t be baptized again. A very humbling and awe-inspiring moment in my life, for sure :thumbsup:

I have tried very hard since then, to avoid sinning, or at least to the magnitude of sin from my former life. We will always be sinners to some extent, as we are humans…but becoming Catholic has changed me and all for the better!!!

Praying for you as you continue thru the RCIA process :slight_smile:

~~Prairie Rose

Absolutely. Our RCIA director even warned about it, so that we could be prepared.

You might consider reading this article:

To be honest, the thought had come to mind, but I told myself, “you’re making yourself out to be a martyr or something. Stop it.” And I was embarrassed to even mention the idea to anyone. Our parish hasn’t really warned us about these things.

It can be very real.

Satan does not wish you to come into the Church. He does not wish you to have the grace which flows from the sacraments and a good prayer life. As such, he will resist you in these efforts.

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