Question for those who have made their Total Consecration


:slight_smile: this is sort of a silly question perhaps… but there’s just one part I don’t understand about the Consecration.

You know how it says that we give all the merits of our prayers, good works, sufferings, etc, to Mary.

So how does that fit into praying the Rosary for someone? we* can *still pray for people, but when we offer the Rosary for an intention, aren’t we asking Our Lady to apply its merits in that way? but if we’ve done the Consecration, it’s up to her to decide… so how does this work? Am I just misunderstanding it? can we pray the Rosary for someone, but still have the merits of it be applied in whatever ways Our Lady chooses?

I’m asking cause I thought of doing the 54 day novena for a particular intention…

thanks :slight_smile:


The way I see it, the Rosary is hers, and we can request that she apply it in a certain way, but it’s her property not ours so she can do with it whatever she wants.


Ultimately, Mary will distribute our prayers as to the Will of God, as she always does His Will. We can ask for certain intentions to be placed with a prayer or offering, but should practice our place in humility. As with any prayer, it is answered to how it conforms with the Will of God. Mary makes it more presentable and pleasing, as St. Louis describes in True Devotion. I think as long as we consider her role, ask in humility, and it is God’s will, He will answer Mary’s plea for us. Tim


Yeah…what the other two guys have already said.


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