Question for Women

Since in America and even in Western Europe pro-abortion parties are largely kept in power due to women voters would pro-life women be willing to give up your right to vote in order to ensure an ultimate end to abortion through the election of pro-life parties and politicians?

I’m not a woman so I won’t vote, but I think that the underlying assumption of your question may be flawed. It’s more likely that women voters provide the margin of victory for pro-life politicians of either gender.

Again thats all well and good but I think it is an established fact that if women couldn’t vote the welfare state, mass Islamic immgration and abortion would be finished. Thus the decline of the West would be slowed!

Not as far as I’m aware. Please establish it.

Surrendering control to unknown persons is dangerous.

Not sure what you are suggesting is what you want. Pro-life women giving up their right to vote would not result in what you want as other women would still be voting and you would have lost the votes of those women who support your view.

Or are you suggesting that all women should either not vote or that their votes should not be counted.

Would the next step be to take away the votes of men who do not support banning abortion leaving the men who support the ban to rule the country?

Your scenario is even more scary than the one that scares you.

It shows women’s greed. If women couldn’t vote abortion would be finished

I’d like to know where you got the notion that women’s suffrage brought about abortion on demand. I fail to see the link.



Women voters keep pro-abortion parties in power.

I think even if women could not vote abortion would likely still be legal. Remember abortion is something that a lot of men support to for various reasons.

Not the majority though.

The majority of men I’ve spoken to on this subject have absolutely no objection to abortion. And my answer is emphatically NO. I would not give up my right to vote. I am a citizen of this country and therefore deserving of every right afforded to citizens, including the right to vote. Yes, many women vote for pro-abortion candidates. Many women also vote for anti-abortion candidates. You won’t abolish abortion by denying women the right to have a say in the leadership that governs their nation.

I don’t know where Russia USA is, but here the United States, abortion opinion is not significantly correlated with Gender.

A 2003 CBS/NYT poll found that:

Abortion Should be:

**Overall **
"Generally available"39%
"Available, but with stricter limits than now"38%
“Not permitted” 22%

**Women **
"Generally available"37%
"Available, but with stricter limits than now"37%
“Not permitted” 24%

"Generally available"40%
"Available, but with stricter limits than now"40%
“Not permitted” 20%

So, almost 80% of the US population is pro-choice in at least some circumstances.

Having seen posts on other threads from the creator of this poll, I would venture to suggest that he (forgive me if I’m wrong, but I can’t imagine any woman acknowledging such a misogynistic worldview) is simply choosing one highly emotive issue - ie: abortion - to gain a back-door nod of acceptance for his apparent belief that women are somehow less human than men.

I don’t vote in public polls, I’m sorry.


Susan B Anthony, famous suffragete, was one of the most anti-abortion women in US history.

The problem with this argument is the mindset of male voters. I know many men who vote “pro choice” because they feel that since they are men, they shouldn’t tell women what to do. This sentiment would be exacerbated by a non-voting female populace.

I believe your premise is without foundation. Men want abortion as much as women do. Furthermore, I do not think that disenfranchising 52% of the population is a good idea.

I would say that this is one of the most chauvinistic, ugly and utterly indefensible attitudes I have encountered here. Trying to dress up filthy misogyny as being a moral good. Disgusting.

Thank you, rpp…for uncovering the real premise of Mr. Vladi’s “poll”… disgusting at the very least. :shrug: Misogyny has a long and disgusting history. Newsflash for Mr. V…women do not vote as a block. Whoever in his right mind thinks that???:confused:

I can only cheer and applaud your sentiments.

Where did *that *come from???

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