Question for youth ministers

I am looking for a program for youth that is strongly catechetical, structured, has a spotless history behind it, is not charismatic in focus but is very accepting of, if not devoted to, the Traditional Latin Mass. My criteria eliminates about 90% of what is out there, it seems. Any ideas?

I’m not sure about the traditional Mass part, but you might look into YM Central’s Crossroads Curriculum.


I did run across Juventutem earlier. It sounds wonderful, but apparently a sympathetic priest is required? If so, that might be a road block!

Thanks Joe, it looks promising, and I think another YMC in our diocese might be using it, it rings a bell.

When I took over as YMC in our parish there were a whole shelf full of LifeTeen and Edge videos. Unfortunately, they are all hosted by Mr. (no longer Father) Fushek. Yikes!

Dead Theologians Society and Lifeteen. Lifeteen has to be done well. Our group talks about the Church Fathers, attends the Latin mass, etc.

171, that’s interesting. I had thought that Life Teen was charismatic and strictly Novus Ordo. But if it’s open to significant modification, that’s another story. I will check out Dead Theologians Society.

Actually I wouldn’t even mind the charismatic part so much if it was somehow oriented toward a TLM. I don’t want much, do I?:slight_smile:

I think the key for Lifeteen is to adapt it for the needs of your parish. As a parish, we purchased the program but didn’t use a single bit of it. I was in high school at the time and we were looking for a more structured program for our youth ministry group. We visisted a youth group north of us 30 miles or so that used Lifeteen…it worked awesome for them! They weren’t very into TLM because it isn’t available where they’re at, but definitely an awesome and conservative Church-loving group! Their parish keeps the NO reverent.The minister weaved Lifeteen into the dynamics of the group and it worked well for them. But when my home parish tried to use Lifteen for our group, it was a disaster. It just didn’t fit us. We weren’t into structure…more into a hey! Let’s read *Imitations of Christ *together! Ok, now that we’ve finished that…let’s learn about the history of the Mass…hmm…we don’t know anything about Saints…let’s read about them…
That’s the kind of group we were. Someone would pose a question or a topic they wanted to know more and as a group we would dive in. It worked great. That group was started my freshman year of high school, so my friend and I were literally the first members. It now (the group is in it’s fifth year, I’m a college freshman) has about 100 on the email list and about 45 that show up weekly. I hope that made some sense. But basically for my former high school ministry group, a structured program didn’t work. We needed flexibility. We took a few things here and there from Lifeteen since we had purchased the curriculum and typically just used their information/activities/lectures as starting points.

My point in writing all of this is that even if you purchase a curriculum, don’t be afraid to adapt it your group’s needs. Just because you purchase it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stray just a little. Best wishes and good luck!

LifeTeen is one of those things that really is what you make of it. There’s lots of room for flexibility to basically make it whatever you want it to be.

We have a strict diocese when it comes to catechetics so Lifeteen isn’t allowed to slip up.

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