Question from a 6 year-old:


Why did God need help carrying the cross?


Because he had just been brutally beaten! Jesus was both God AND man, and it’s not very easy for a man to carry a heavy cross after going through so much pain for our sins. :slight_smile:


Isn’t it wonderful when children ask these questions?

I have to say that I have thought about this at other times, and I personally think that there was a deeper meaning behind Jesus being helped with the cross. When thinking about Jesus being whipped prior to carrying the cross, it is hard to believe he would be able to carry it at all. I feel like Jesus had a strength that none of us could possible have had in order to deal with the suffering he endured. He was a man, yet he was able to walk on water while alive, so it is clear that he was able to do things that we cannot. I guess what I am saying is that if Jesus wanted to carry the cross all by himself he could have…

Could the deeper meaning be that some are called to share somehow in Christ’s suffering? (for example Stigmatics). I wonder if Simon of Cyrene and Jesus have a special relationship in Heaven?

Just a few thoughts -


Great question! I bet you are a really smart 6-year-old. :slight_smile:

I sometimes wonder myself why God does not do some things. I mean, Jesus was God, so he could have made the cross float or commanded some angel to carry it for him, right?

My thought is this: Jesus carried the cross as far as he could on his own without using any of the powers he had as God because he wanted to know what it is like to hurt like you and me. When i feel tired and when it hurts to do what is right, it helps me to know that Jesus was willing to hurt the same way i do.

That’s the kind of God he is. He never says, “Do as i say, not as i do!” He will never ask you to do any good thing that he did not do for you. What ever you go through, he is there for you. He knows exactly how you feel, and he cares for you.

Keep asking great questions, 6-year-old! :thumbsup:

Embrace the grace,


Good thoughts, Will! :thumbsup:




The same reason He helps us with ours.

He came here to share in our humanity so that we could share in his divinity.

Your kid is so smart., and will understand this.:thumbsup:


Because the weight of our sins made Christ’s cross too heavy for one man to carry alone. And to teach us that when you see someone stumbling under the weight of their own cross, you must remember Christ falling, and go to that person and help them bear the burden of their cross, just as Simon helped Jesus.

What a wonderful question for a six year old! What an awesome open door for teaching the value of Christ’s sacrifice!


Wow! Excellent answer, Bee!


Yes and No!!

I think it’s great that DS (the 6 year old) is asking questions… but when it’s questions that make me think its like: :blush: why didn’t I think of that? :o Or is that I’m over the age of 25 and I’ve never thought of asking that question before? :o :wink: Or umm, how do I anwer this? :eek: (That’s what scares me the most is that sometimes the questions leave me going “I don’t know” and he’s six: Lord Help Me!)

I like to think DS is smart, but that would be my pride as his mommy coming out!!

My 6 year-old ask me questions that even make me think and wonder. Who knew that a 6 year-old could challenge your faith? Or at the very least make you think about it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone for the replies! Keep them coming!


He didn’t “need” our help - after all, He could have simply caused it to float up to Calvary all by itself, if He had so chosen.

Yet, He chose to have human beings help Him carry the Cross. I think the reason was to teach us compassion, and to remind us that He created us as partners in the Creation, rather than as simply one more decorative element in the Garden. He wants our help - not only with the carrying of the Cross, but with all of His tasks.

In fact, He created you especially to help out with something really, really important. Your job in life will be to do that task to the best of your ability. But you will have to do every task well, because you won’t find out what the important task was until the end of your life - and then you will know whether you did it very well, or not.


All of us are called to share in Christ’s suffering. We all have crosses to bear.

Then he said to all, "If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.

Luke 9:23

God the Father sent His Son to suffer and die for us. In order to suffer, Jesus had to somewhat abandon His divine powers to fulfill His purpose. I don’t believe that this divinity ever left Jesus, but He knew he could not use His divinity while fulfilling His Father’s will. Therefore, His human existence required assistance with the cross, just as any other human would have required.


Yes, I think it teaches us that Simon, just like us, are called to aid Jesus (through accepting suffering) in his mission of redeeming mankind. A six year old might ask *why *since he was God after all. Well, I think the perfect response would be to say that when you make a cake for the family, you might let your child help you, even though you could do it all yourself. You wind up with a very special cake then!



And it will be a much more interesting cake, since the child will add something that you could not have planned ahead for. :slight_smile:


Quoted for truth and clarity!:slight_smile:


Just wanted to say thanks again for all the responses!

God Bless


Lord Jesus was suffering unendurable agony.He had been whipped with a cat of nine tails, and was in great pain, and was bleeding. His Father was allowing Jesus to suffer pain, and it was very painful for Him to carry the cross.It was therefore a good thing that Simon helped, because it took some of Our Lord’s pain away, and gave Him some small amount of relief and comfort.


How’s this: “Because God, wanted to show us how much He loves us by gowing through pain like some people have to…”

Though, pain is something I wouldn’t want a 6 year-old to understand…

WOW! on second thought, this is so profound for a 6 year-old to ask…at least you know he/she is listening :thumbsup: …I’d have to really think long and hard to answer this one…



ME TOO :smiley:


Hopefully we will get more questions from your 6 year old to talk about here!

God Bless!

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