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I was raised Roman Catholic (baptised and confirmed) but am now a Protestant, although i’m not about protesting anything. I’d like to understand the religion i left years ago when i was a teen. I’m not sure if this is the place where it is OK to ask.



What is your question?


This might help


I guess by your question it’s OK for me to ask! Thank you.

Well, what do you think about Protestants? Do you think God has a place in heaven for some of them?


As a former Protestant who is now a Catholic, what I think about Protestants is that they are, in general, nice and sincere people who are theologically mistaken.

God desires all men to be saved. No man deserves heaven, but God is just and merciful.

Only God knows a person’s heart.

We trust in God’s mercy to judge us according to what we know and what we do with that knowledge.

We also have a responsibility to learn the Truths that God has revealed through Scripture and the Church. We have an obligation to seek the Truth and to live according to God’s plan and desires for us.


I agree. :slight_smile:


Do you see many Protestants posting replies, here?


Yes, there are many protestants that post here. Some more regularly than others.


Yes and many insist in the errors of the Catholic Church.

They say, we worship Mary and give her greater honor than God.

We Catholics say, we don’t give the same honor we give Mary to God. We do not worship her the way we do God.

We only honor her, and ask for her to pray for us, much like you asking me to pray for you. Yet, they insist, you are wrong, you are mislead by Rome…

They are sincere but most hardcore Protestants don’t buy into our interpretation and beliefs…

There are those Protestants here like Zooey, ALLFORHIM, and others who understand Catholicism. Not to mention, Daniel Marsh who understand Catholicism.


Hello and welcome to CAF.

You could share with us how you have become a Protestant as a teen.



Interesting. In the Protestant forum where i regularly post, there are few, and they don’t stay long. I’ve had some good conversations with them, though.


What do you think of these guys and gals? Are they obnoxious or fun to talk to?


Well, some are friendly and nice and they come here to learn about what Catholics really believe. Some others with their set of goals come here to try to win a debate.

Debating is no fun especially when someone doesn’t learn much from Catholic and come right in and say all sort of things. I hope it will end this some day when we all are truly one. However, it is great to set the record straight with all the misconceptions about Catholic.


I think they don’t accept our interpretations. They ask questions about our faith hoping to understand us but most of them they reject our answers, or ignore it.

They refuse to understand. Like I said there are those Protestants who understand our belief but they don’t have to believe in it. They respect us for it, and they earn my respect because they understand.


Hey, Water. Wow, that’s a personal question. Maybe i’ll tell you the full story some time.

For now i guess i could briefly say that as a teen i never felt close to God, but wanted to be. I did not think i could be a priest, because i knew i wanted to be married. I never felt i could ever be good enough to get close to God.

When i moved away from home a Protestant told me God wanted to get close to me and that all i had to do was ask Him to forgive me and i’d be heaven bound.

After that, i spent years living like the devil but thinking i was going to heaven. Another Protestant quoted a passage from Galatians where Paul said God cannot be mocked. I read it for myself and saw myself in a different light and knew i had to make a change. I made a commitment that night to make a u-turn in the road of my life. I’m still not sinless but i try to sin less and less.


I agree. Like Socrates, we should all dialog in order to learn the truth, not subvert it.


Thanks for sharing your conversion. It is a great blessing to come to know Him.

I know it is a personal question, but you might find many testimonies on this forum as well.


Yes, this is the place to ask anything about Catholicism. For the most part you’ll find helpful people here. Sometimes some Catholics here might seem a bit snappish (which they (I) shouldn’t be), but much of that can be traced to the fact that in America, anti-Catholicism is rightly called “the last acceptable prejudice”, and having our faith constantly attacked can get annoying. Not that I’m suggesting that your future questions fall into that category by any means!

I’m curious, how much anti-Catholicism, if any, did you experience in your Protestant background?


Welcome. :slight_smile: In your search for answers regarding the Church Christ founded, may you be drawn ever more closer to the love of God, and the truth that is His will.


Zooey is really helpful. She has a really good understanding of the Catholic faith, and once directed me to scriptural meditations of the Rosary, which I still use today. AllForHim also has a good understanding of the Catholic faith. You might want to PM them.

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