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So I’m engaged to be married and I have OCD. Today I was thinking or praying and I signing my signature on something and as I was I thought that I’m signing my soul or giving my soul to God and I surrender to God’s Will. Afterward, I was afraid that giving your soul over and surrendering your life to God means something like promising to be a nun…I know I have OCD and this is probably a result of it. I was just wondering, do I need to get a dispensation for this, because like I said I’m engaged and I feel that God brought my fiance and I together and He wants us to be together.

So anyway, do I need a dispensation? Aren’t we supposed to surrender to God and give our souls over to Him as Catholics? Thanks!


We all belong to God first, and every other relationship we have is secondary to our relationship with God and is ordered toward our relationship with God. If God is calling you to marriage, it is only because you will become closer with Him due to your marriage. So do not fear surrendering yourself to God and His Will.


Whoever we are, and whatever we do with our lives,
living according to God’s loving will is required of us,
so you have only formalized the loving obedience and submission that we, and you, should have anyway.

Our souls are God’s gift to us, and they are also our gift to Him, if we live in love of God and love of others.

Pray for the grace to be able to live that way.
However it can be that God inspires someone to particularly offer their soul and life to God, and if so, then trust He will give you the graces you need.

Please be at peace.
It possibly is a good idea to consult our priest in Confession when we make a big commitment, if the ramifications will worry us.
However, it isn’t like a nun’s vow, it is a commitment that we all should live.

God bless you,

May God bless your marriage and your life


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