Question: How does one effectively evangelise?

It does say in the good book “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19).

My question is, how does one go about doing that without coming off like a televangelist?

I realise that one important part of this is actually LIVING like a true Christian (which is loving God and doing whatever He asks because you love Him, in short). And I assume, as a Catholic, that to be a God-approved Christian, you’re supposed to do all of the things the Church and God tell you to. And in case you didn’t notice, there’s a massive list of things - many of which people are not willing to do (such as abstaining from sex, keeping swearing to a minimum, going to Church every Sunday, and so on).

So my question is, how does one effectively evangelise without coming off as one of these embarrassing shove-it-in-your-face types we hear about on the news?

Or possibly, how does one talk about God without stumbling over all of those things people seem so resistant to (like not using contraceptives, or abstaining from alcohol, etc)? What is completely necessary to make a person a convert?

How do you tell people about God without getting into an arguement???

Realizing that religion is a tool – a pointer to the absolute God, you can bring God to others without explicitly mentioning his “religious” names, verbally. This may not always be the right strategy, but it is possible.

I think that our best strategy is to meet them where they are, and become their servants. In other words, if you have a chance find out what they believe and why, without judging it or necessarily agreeing with it. "Oh, that’s interesting. Does that mean you believe … "

If you don’t have a chance to find out what they think about spiritual issues, find out what they need physically; can you get them a cup of water? Buy them a drink? Do they have a story they want to tell? Listen intently to them, just as God commanded us to listen to Christ. Basically treat them like they were Christ, and certainly that cannot be wrong since we will be doing to Christ whatever we do to them.

It’s like, don’t act like a religious kook but just a normal person. That is, normal on a “whole new level.”

All of this is just spiritual bait. Once they’re hooked, you’ll have their attention and maybe they’ll want to hear more about what you believe. :smiley:


We are to be instruments of Christ. But keep in mind the old saying, “Always go to God about man, before going to man about God.” Before you try to evangelize (other than by setting the right example), pray (especially at Mass and before the Blessed Sacrament), fast, offer the crosses in your life to Jesus for souls. Then, ask Jesus to send you someone to whom He wishes to to give His message. Until He does, keep praying.

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