Question: How to say Divine Mercy Chaplet with Rosary


This is my first post. I joined the forums specifically to ask this question. I'll probably have many others, and hopefully I can return the favor by assisting others.

I pray the Rosary daily, sometimes more than once per day. I would like to begin praying the Chaplet as well. However, Sister Faustina's instructions on how to say the Chaplet are unclear to me. What I've found in Google searches has been equally vague, if not more confusing.

I do not understand precisely which beads I am to hold during the opening prayers. Also, for the prayer to be said on the "large beads," do I begin each decade with this prayer, or is it meant to conclude each decade? Also, since there are 5 decades, but only 4 Our Father beads between the decades, where should I hold the Rosary when saying the prayer for which there is no apparent available bead?

Thank you.

  1. Begin by making the sign of the cross on the crucifix
  2. Say the opening prayer on the first Our Father bead, and continue through the introductory prayers, being 1 Our Father, one Hail Mary, the Creed, and the Eternal Father, in that order.
  3. Whenever there seems to be no apparent bead to pray on, I usually touch the little piece of chain right in front of the next bead so I don’t get confused. I do that on both the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the rosary.
    And here’s a website showing you how to pray the chaplet if you need it:
    Hope this helps! God bless you.



The “drop” on the standard Dominican Rosary has a Crucifix, one large bead, 3 small beads, and another large bead.

SOTC on the Crucifix:signofcross:
Ignore the first large bead
On the three small beads recite the Our Father, Hail Mary, and the Apostles’ Creed.
On the last large bead, start the first decade with the "Eternal Father, I offer you…"
And away you go.
After doing the five decades, you are back at the drop.
On the three small beads, recite the final prayer three times
SOTC on the Crucifix. :signofcross:


Thank you for the quick responses. I, too, take advantage of the chain space between beads, as I was taught many years ago in Catholic school.


If I may be permitted to ask two follow-up questions:

First, in regares to the Chaplet said as a Novena, I understand it can be said at any time of year, but when doing so where do the meditations (such as the one’s in the link Silyosha provided) fit in? Do I say them prior to beginning the Chaplet, or are they said during the Chaplet like the Mysteries of the Rosary?

Second, I’ve heard and noticed that the Chaplet is often said at particular times during the day. What is the story behind this?

Many thanks.


Well, 3PM is the traditional Hour of Mercy (The time Jesus died on the cross), so many groups, including the one at my church, do the chaplet at 3PM.:gopray2:

As for the Novena meditations, I recite them BEFORE I begin the chaplet. But I doubt if that is written in stone. I would think you can insert them wherever you want. I do it at the start to help set the mood.:getholy:


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