Question, I hope anyone who has experience, help me


I am a college student here. I was wondering, if I were to join the seminary, would my other college credits transfer to the seminary?


Yes they will transfer but they might not count towards a degree change. Also it depends on which you mean, a minor (or college) seminary or a major seminary.

You get a bachelors degree, usually in philosophy, at a minor (or college) seminary.

You do this because the requirment to start the Masters of Divinity program at the major seminary is 30 credits of philosophy and 12 credits of theology. The M.Div. (or a pontifical degree) is what is required for ordination in the United States.






LOL I am still discerning the priesthood. I haven’t spoken to any seminaries yet.


ok. thanks.


Also, do not ask the seminary.

You do not pick the seminary.

The diocese or religious community/order picks the semianry.

Speak to a vocations director.


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