Question: Is CCC infallible?


Is the Catechism of the Catholic Church infallible? I thought so but there are Catholics on this forum who say otherwise. Can anyone enlighten us as to whether it is?


The Catechism of the Catholic Church is a instruction to the faith containing all teachings of the CC regarding moral, and faith issues.

By definition a catechism (κατηχιsmός in Greek) is a summary or exposition of doctrine, traditionally used in Christian religious teaching from New Testament times to the present.

Catechisms are **doctrinal manuals **often in the form of questions followed by answers to be memorized, a format that has been used in non-religious or secular contexts as well.

Since it is a manual of instruction, by itself it is not infallible. Since the Catechism is nothing more than a summary of doctrine that is already professed to be part of the deposit of faith.

I also like to add Catechism is use primarily for teaching the faith. Other Christians groups also have their own form of catechism.

See Wikipedia Article on Catechism.


Let me rephrase the question. Is their anything in the CCC that is not true, not Catholic teaching, or negotiable?


Not really. All the world’s bishops at the time, from what I’ve heard, had the chance to read it and give their input and it went through nine drafts. Only Church Council documents normally get that sort of attention.


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