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If you could have any or all of your CAF friends send you one thing, What would that one thing be?

My Answer would be a Rosary from where they are from


Strangely enough, I recently ordered something from America, and it was posted here in a tiny envelope, the kind that look like like they have a personal letter inside.

Since I figured it was going to come in a huge bubble envelope, my first thought was, who on earth has sent me a letter from Orange, CA?

My second thought was, how did they get my address!?

My third thought was… CAF?!

And then I realised what it was.:rolleyes:

But, for a split second I was really intrigued to see why someone would write me.

SO, to answer your question, I think a letter, with a photo would be a really sweet thing to receive :yup:


A picture of their church, wait, no a visit to their church.


I agree with the Rosaries. I love getting Rosaries. One thing I WOULD like is less of my donation going to the freaky mail I get from Catholic Answers. I just throw it in recycle now.


Probably a photo and letter. I am a visual person and it would be helpful to know what people look like so I can remember who’s who.

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