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I was argueing with a non-Christian once, and he talked about a legend that was very similar to Christianity. It also pre-dated Christianity by 500 years. He said that Christianity was based on this legend. I’m sorry that I can’t remember the name, but it supposedly involved virgin birth, communion, and resurection. Does anyone know the name of this myth?

Mithra? Similarities in two stories does not necessarily mean that one is based on the other.

Nope - wikipedia and the Catholic Encyclopedia both agree (which is good enough for me) that Mithraism dates from AROUND THE SAME TIME as Christ, but not before, so Christianity wasn’t based on it.

Now there are quite a few religions that have features in common with Christianity - Zoroastrianism, Buddhism (Buddha was a virgin birth as well).

To say Christianity was based on any of 'em is baloney. Some of 'em, like Buddhism, Jesus never would have heard of - information about it simply hadn’t reached the Middle East in his time.

Others - well, Jesus was a very well-brought-up Jew, and as such had absolutely no truck with foreign religions nor would he have even really had any opportunity to learn much about them, it’s not like the internet existed in those days.

AJ, check out *The Da Vinci Hoax *by Carl Oslen and Sandra Meisel. It gives a really good background on all of those legends which are supposed to be similar to Christianity. All facts stated are sourced so you can varify what the authors say.

Did it ever occur to anybody that some of these religions may have “borrowed” from Old Testament prophecies about Jesus?
Just a thought. :twocents:

The Isis and Osiris story has similarities to the life of Christ.

God told his people what would happen, as they sinned and moved across the world this knowledge was corrupted and hence the several similar stories are blurred from the true original.

And, of course, every conspiracist knows that Isis is the “I” in the “IHS” logo at the Vatican.

It couldn’t be any clearer!!! :rolleyes:

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