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I want to watch a film called Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, but I feel that is not what Christ would want due to the “moderate violence” in it. what should I do about this. would It be okay to watch it or should I leave it? This could help me or others about films or books etc. in general.

Thank you or reading; I hope you respond with a helpful answer.


IMDB says this movie is rated PG. If you are a minor, ask your parents if you can watch it.

If you are an adult, PG is mild rating.


It wasn’t that it is how christian should respond to films, that may be violent like a war film.


Passion of the Christ is pretty violent but it is also about how it was in biblical times so I wondered if any Christian parents would let their children watch it.


The Church does not teach against war films. You might do well to follow Dc SDG’s blog. He is a member of the acclaimed New York Film Critics Association, an ordained Deacon and a frequent contributor at Catholic Answers, EWTN and their newspaper the National Catholic Register.

Notice that the Vatican list contains War movies, Westerns, Horror, Sci Fi, Comedies, many genres


No, it is not a movie for children. Honestly, only very mature, grounded adults can handle the level of graphic violence.


Portrayal of violence in films, etc. isn’t necessarily wrong. Sometimes it’s to build context and ultimately convey a good message, which can be the case even with war films. Christ’s sacrifice for us on Calvary was certainly rather violent!

Of course, in media it’s often distasteful or excessive, in which case it might not be the best idea. That’s not the case here, however, at least if you ask me.

Nausicaa is a good movie with some good messages compatible with a Christian life; provided you aren’t a minor whose parents might object and you can acquire a legal copy, go ahead.


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