Question on Albs


I was wondering if it is possible for an alb to have a square neck, like that of a surplice?
For instance, I was looking for albs with a considerable amount of lace, and found these garments here, labeled as albs, which look very much like albs, however they have square necks, which then make them look like a very lengthened surplice or rochet. If used with an amice then, would it be acceptable as an alb?



I would first say that there’s not a lot legislated about the particular style of certain ecclesiastical vestments, only in terms of their color and perhaps their general appearance. This is why Gothic chasubles and Roman chasubles look so different.

That said, an alb can have a square neck as you describe. An amice is worn under it to cover the collar of street clothes.



Yes, we use those at my parish. Basically just a really long surplice. :thumbsup:



If used with an amice then, would it be acceptable as an alb?

Again, yes.


Thanks for clarifying!


Square-necked albs are popular in many places, and take comparatively little time to put on. A priest would need to wear amice to hide his collar, however.


They would require the priest to wear amice to cover his secular clothing, as the priest’s collar et al are to be covered when offering Mass.


Yes, and personally I think they look a lot better than the velcro neck albs. More elegant.


Those look more comfortable than the velcro-neck albs. Sometimes, those things make me really uncomfortable because they can be too tight.


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