Question on Annulment Proceedings

So about three months ago, my ex-husband started annulment proceedings.
I had my interview with the Tribunal of his Diocese last week and corrected my transcripts of said interview.

Today, I came home to a letter from the Tribunal of my Diocese in regards.
The letter states, “…indications have been given to me which demonstrate that you are of the opinion that your rights will be properly respected by the Diocese (his)…”

I know some basics of annulment proceedings and the sounds of everything think that this will be more along the lines of a lack of form proceeding…but…

What exactly are “my rights” in this situation??

Ultimately all you can do is just tell the truth. About a year after entering the Church I started annulment proceedings from my divorce. I’ve been divorced sinch 1987, and started it about 1998. It took awhile, but it went through. I really don’t think my ex cared one way or the other. The most I knew was that there was no way we would ever get back together. For me it was just another way to put it behind me.

I can’t say from your vantage point what’s going to happen. But I kind of doubt that what you say would make too much difference as far as it going through. Except, perhaps, to show that it was a truly sacramental marriage. Unless, like me, you don’t see it as ever working out. Take it one day at a time, and answer any of their questions as honestly as possible.

The best method for getting your question answered is by picking up the phone and calling the Tribunal. You have many rights. It doesn’t sound like a lack of form case. That is a mere matter of submitting certificates of baptism, marriage, and the final divorce decree.

I Googled “rights of respondent catholic annulment” and found this. Hope it helps!

Chances are this is not a lack of form case provided you were married in the Church. If testimony is being provided then it most likely a full case. That being said there really isn’t a have rights not have rights issue. This is a fact finding of whether or not the Sacrament was valid. You can provide testimony which it seems like you did. It isn’t like divorce court where there is a winner or loser.

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