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Is it important that the Liturgy of being received into the Church is being done at Easter?
Or are you free to choose any date you feel like?



Typically it’s done at Easter although that’s not to say that other dates aren’t possible. You should approach you local Catholic parish and talk to the priest there about this since it’s ultimately up to him.



The Easter vigil is “extra everything” so to speak. :rofl:



Reception into the Catholic Church does not have to occur at Easter, but you as the catechumen or candidate are not free to choose when it occurs, either. That decision is made by the parish priest. You can express your preferences, of course, but people are received when ready, and readiness is determined by the priest.

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I’m due to be received into the church on Saturday at the Easter vigil. One of the guys in the RCIA class that I have been attending was not able to make the Easter vigil service so was received a few weeks earlier.



I was led to understand that there’s a difference dependent on whether you are an adult Elect to be baptised, confirmed and make your first communion…should be Easter Vigil…or an adult Candidate to be received and confirmed…more flexibility of date…Don’t take my word for it though!



Being received at the Easter Vigil seems to be the norm but it isn’t mandatory.

I remember in the past when the bishop carried out a visitation of the parish and did confirmations on Sunday afternoon one or two people were received into the Church.

Although it’s not mandatory for you to be received at the Easter Vigil I also don’t think you’ll be given free choice. If being received on a particular occasion would have some importance to you bring this up with your priest. If your reason is appropriate and can readily be accommodated he may be open to your suggestion.



yes generally true.

also depends whatthe faith background is and how much there is in common with Catholicism typically

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Indeed…that’s also why some baptised folks really don’t need to complete a full RCIA course. :blush:



Wish I had known - 8months of Thursdays I will never get back of death by PowerPoint :disappointed: wish I’d known I didn’t have to do RCIA didn’t even get taken thru first confession.

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There are many factors. Sit down and speak with your priest (after Holy Week).



I was received on 19 December 1993.



I didn’t have to but I did it anyway. Very often candidates and catechumens are ‘bunched together’ into RCIA. Even the baptised, particularly those baptised as infants, will need additional catechesis but not always a full weekly course! It’s often just very convenient and practical. :blush:
Oh…And after our sessions on reconciliation we were just regularly reminded to make sure we went before the Easter Vigil…



Usually it is done at the Easter,but depending on the case it might happen some other time.


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