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Hello, I am currently reading a biography of Benedict XV, (not the current pope the note the roman numeral), I find this book quite facinating. I discovered it among the dusty old bookshelves of our parish library. It was published in 1959. (don’t think it has been read since then) Can anyone direct me towards more of such papal biographies. Is there any company that publishes out of print books like this? I am thinking leo XII and Pius X and other papal biographies would be of great interest. I realize this is book club materrial but I don’t have access to that area of the forums.


try google. I know that there are companies that reprint out of print Catholic classics, so it seems reasonable that one of them would likely be printing papal biographies. I agree. I bet they would be very interesting.

Happy reading.


[quote=decn2b]Is there any company that publishes out of print books like this?

If a company is publishing the book, then (by definition) it’s not “out of print” any more. :wink:

Tan Books ( sometimes resurrects old Catholic books and re-publishes them.

Of course, if you’re interested in used books, there’s always eBay or Allebris (but grab your wallet!). Amazon might also be helpful.

There should be books (in-print) about Pius X, BTW.


I dont know how much detail there is for any given pope, especially those outside the last century, but you can check out at this page:
which is a list of every Pope with a page or so commentary for most of them. Im not sure why there is no link for the more recent ones though.


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