Question on Buying Tickets for "Wicked" Musical

I want to go to see “Wicked” in Chicago.

I’m surprised at the big convenience fee for purchasing it at Ticketmaster.

I’m wondering if I may have a better chance of purchasing them at the box office downtown? I really want to purchase the tickets at the lower Orchestra level (Might as well make the trip worth it).

But I’m worried that there might be no seats left, perhaps I might have a better chance if I go on Wednesday since they have two shows that day and maybe it’s a “slow” day.

Or should I just pay the convenience fee at Ticketmaster? Any advice?

In Chicago, there is something similar to TKTS called “Hot Tixs” where you can get half price day of show tickets. Might be worth looking into…

I’m not really sure what you’re asking- I walk by that place each day on my way to work.

Are you asking if you can buy tix the same day and still get good seats?

Yes, I’m wondering if I’ll be able to get good seats if I wait in line. Do you notice like a long line there?
But I don’t want to stay in line freezing my hands off and then find out that the seats are gone. I want to get seats that are closest to the stage.

If you’re in the Chicago area and can afford an extra advance trip to the Box Office, it would be worth it. If you’re just coming to visit from out of town, then I think you probably still ought to be able to get seats shortly in advance or on the day of the show… but you’ll take whatever you can get. So, if you want your pick of something specific, pay the extra fees. It is simply the way things are done these days and part of the cost of attending a show, unfortunately. Also, recognize that the cost of tickets at the box office may be slightly higher than the face value, as they have to make up for some of the taxes and convenience costs, also. I have even heard of situations (though not necessarily for Wicked) where a box office changes exactly the same markup fees as online.

That said, while you probably have your heart set on Wicked, if for some reason you miss that show, there is plenty of other theater in Chicago. Try the Palace or the Shubert or the Lyric Opera in the Loop. Shakespeare or Lookingglass off Michigan Ave. Victory Gardens, Royal Garden, Steppenwolf near north. Or many of the smaller storefront theaters. Chicago is a center for the arts, so get out and take advantage of it!

Here is the site for the aforementioned Hot Tix:

Also check out:

I’ve never seen a line out the door when passing the Oriental, except near show time. Now if Danny Kaye were selling tickets it might be a different matter (legendary story.)

If you live in Chicago or it’s an easy trip in, it’s worth stopping by to buy the seats of your choice for what show you want to see.

If you live an hour or so out, are taking the train in, or paying for parking, and need to see the show the same day, then it’s not worth it.

I bought Wicked tickets for some friends online once online (a gift). $85 per seat dress circle. I drove them into Chicago for the show when the time came and on the off-chance seats were still available I checked (I was planning to eat and shop while they were at the show). Sure enough there were some limited view seats in dress circle on the opposite side where they were sitting and I bought a ticket at $38. That was a good deal!

Recently I wanted to see Phantom of the Opera before it closed so I took the train in hoping to get lucky again. I took the train in that time, stood in a short line but the lowest priced tickets available were $45 (dress circle again - different theatre). Since it was the only chance I had to see the show I paid the higher price, ate across the street at a really nice affordable diner, and watched the show. The view was awful. I couldn’t see anything over the people’s heads in front of me. Fortunately I had seen the show in Los Angeles years ago when Michael Crawford was still playing the phantom so I didn’t mind. But $45 for not being able to see was not a good deal.

I have come to the conclusion that I should save my money, earmark the shows I want to see, and then spend a Saturday in Chicago for fun stuff - planning to start at the box offices to buy the seats for the shows I want to see at a later time.

The ticketmaster fees are the equivalent of paying for train tickets in/out of Chicago and/or gas/parking for driving in. What I like about buying them at the box office is being able to see **all **the seats available for sale and picking from there - in a variety of price ranges for more than one night. Ticketmaster only shows you what they have available and they seem to push their preferences on you. Like with the Phantom seats. Everytime I searched online they kept giving me balcony seats way in the back for $56. At the box office I got the dress circle for $45. Once in the theatre, though, I get a better feel for which seats are worth the premium pricing, so that helps.

Good luck with your search and enjoy the show. It’s really wonderful!

While I generally agree about dealing directly with the box office people who know the theater and getting a better feel for your options, I’m guessing that in this particular case the $56 seat in the balcony may have been better, allowing you to actually see the stage.

Yes, I guess there’s really no way around it.
I don’t live that far from Chicago, but I’m worried about getting good seats since I’m not familiar with this theater.

Thank you Chicago for the extra links, I do plan to hopefully see more theater productions around Chicago.
Sadly, I’ve only gone to see plays when I was in school in field trips and I really enjoyed them.
It just seems no one else I know likes theater plays, but oh well, it’s their lost :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no line for tickets, just pop in there and buy them.

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