Question on Citations in Catechism

I recently purchased my first Catechism of the Catholic Church Second Edition, to help further my studies on the Word of God. As I scan through the pages I see several different types of citations shown at the bottom of the pages. Many are reference Holy Scripture, but many others appear to referencing other sources. I presume many of these are Councils and other official Church declarations.

I was not able to find an explanation of each of these sources in the book, perhaps I overlooked it? Does anyone have a link to a summary of these sources, or can you help explain this for me?

The index of citations will have the source and the paragraph where it is used.

You already have your answer. Or I assume you do- I have a middle copy of the Catechism from the period between the first and second edition, with the main text of the second edition but not the new index, glossary, etc., so I haven’t seen the index of citations in the second edition.

Anyway, yes, besides of course the Bible the Catechism of the Catholic Church quotes from many sources, like Ecumenical Councils (Vatican II, Vatican I, Trent, etc.), encyclicals, the Code of Canon Law, the Roman Catechism, writings of saints, and more.

The online version lists the abbreviations here:

Perhaps THIS LINK will help


Thank you all, precisely what I was looking for!

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