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This may be a bit of a loaded question but I have been getting varying answers from different people, even from priests and lay apologists. The question is did God in His act of creation separate the two purposes or ends of conjugal intercourse? Or should they always go hand-in-hand? :confused? :confused:


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Or perhaps I do not understand your total question.:blush:



This is a triple “duplicate thread”-- the other two are in Moral Theology.


:slight_smile: PS; I still have not found exactly what I was trying to find but perhaps your answer may be with what follows… Contraception according to those I have heard speak, say it should not be used. However natural planning with cycles are expectable. ???



Outlines for sex education


  1. In the christian vision of man and woman, a particular function of the body is recognized, because it contributes to the revealing of the meaning of life and of the human vocation. Corporeality is, in fact, a specific mode of existing and operating proper to the human spirit: This significance is first of all of an anthropological nature: the body reveals man,(17) " expresses the person " (18) and is therefore the first message of God to the same man and woman, almost a species of " primordial sacrament, understood as a sign which efficaciously transmits in the visible world the invisible mystery hidden in God from all eternity " .(19)

  2. There is a second significance of a theological nature: the body contributes to revealing God and his creative love, in as much as it manifests the creatureliness of man and woman, whose dependence bestows a fundamental gift, which is the gift of love. " This is the body: a witness to creation as a fundamental gift, and so a witness to love as the source from which this same giving springs ".(20)

  3. The body, in as much as it is sexual, expresses the vocation of man and woman to reciprocity, which is to love and to the mutual gift of self.(21) The body, in short, calls man and woman to the constitutive vocation to fecundity as one of the fundamental meanings of their being sexual.(22)



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