Question on Covering crucifixes and statues during Lent

When do we cover them, and do we cover ALL crosses? I have like 9 crosses, 3 crucifixes, last supper photo,3 photos of Jesus,Framed photo of Jesus and one of Mary…
Do we cover all?
How long to leave covered?

Generally that’s only done between Good Friday and Easter. All images and statues are covered, both of Saints and Jesus.

Ok what about My Grotto in back yard?

Okay, thank you, that is a lot I need to cover, they are all over the house.

I don’t think that laypeople are required to cover anything during the Triduum.

Of course it’s great if you do, but I don’t think it’s at all compulsory.


Veiling should begin prior to Evening Prayer I of the Fifth Sunday of Lent (which was formerly Passion Sunday).

Crucifixes should be exposed from their veils on Good Friday. Other images may remain covered until the Easter Vigil.


Our Church does it but I don’t at home


okay. thank you.

You can if you want to. It just is not required.


Statues in Churches are covered beginning the 5th Sunday of Lent.

We don’t cover them at home.


It is done for a public liturgical purpose at church. At home, it’s your choice.

When and why did some churches begin putting sand on the (dried) holy water basins? Wasn’t that determined to be an abuse?

Okay. thank you all :slight_smile:

Sand in the fonts should NOT be done. Holy water is removed from all fonts on Holy Thursday and they are not to be filled until Easter Sunday

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