Question on dealing with Street Preachers


Sometimes when I am out and about an Evangelical street preacher will come up to me and get in my face and ask me “if you were to die tonight do you know where you would go?” or he/she asks "If you met God and he asked you why you should be let into Heaven what would you say? I usually feel incredibly uncomfortable with this as this type of question is very deep and personal for many people. I haven’t really formed a really good response to this question but it makes me feel icky inside, almost like the person asking it is trying to sell me a used car. It makes me feel put on the spot and while I don’t mind discussing faith/religion publically its something that usually is done with people that I have known for a while. Usually they ask this question to back you into a corner so you will end up agreeing with their particular brand of theology. It also seems distasteful because the person asking this question takes no consideration of a persons particular set of experiences or values. Any thoughts on this?


I would start by saying, “I belong in heaven because I was baptized into His Church, confess my sins on a regular basis, receive the Eucharist and because of my faith for God I love others with all my heart.” Then see where he/she goes from there.


“If you met God and he asked you why you should be let into Heaven what would you say?”

“I didn’t think I had a choice AFTER I die.” OR “Where in the Bible does it say God will ask this?” keep walking after you ask


The Way of the Master – I used to train for that, in my old church, but we stopped and switched to friendship evangelism. It’s from a TBN TV show.
He is poised to ask about all your sins and then hit you with the need to trust Jesus to escort you into Heaven free of all judgement.
Engage him. He is trying hard to serve God.
If he says, "If you were to die today, why should God let you into Heaven?"
You say, "Because I trust Jesus Christ."
Before he can say, “Good for you, are you in a good church?” and hand you directions to his church, start citing Scripture on the need for more than a one-time prayer. If all goes well, he should end up reading some of your sources and going to Mass with your family sometime.
People who do TWOTM usually have put a lot of study into their religious lives and want very much to know all the facts. If not, they wouldn’t stay up late to watch the show, take notes and go to the training meetings, then buy the Four Spiritual Laws tracts and TWOTM videos etc. They are likely to listen if you can talk to one separately fromt he rest of his/her teammates.


catholicmarsh, your reaction may mean God is trying to tell you something? Like think of certain things you mentioned and maybe even talk about Him to strangers? I don’t know, cause I’m not God.


I once tried to reason with Fundies, but learned quickly that such an endeavor is futile. Now, I just say, ‘no thanks’, and walk away. To me, that brand of Christianity is so vitally wrong, I don’t even know where to start in correcting it. I really think it’s ‘mission impossible’. :frowning:


I would probably just throw the question right back to him and see what his answer is, then take from there.

is it necessary to be in a church? which church?

who found your church? ask him about the Church of the Bible.

bombard him with questions. that is what i would do. i dont answer their questions, that is how they manage to be in charge by asking the questions. you can turn it around by making them answer your questions.



I think the best reponse is that I have been saved, I’m being saved and I hope to be saved. And quote paul in saying that I’m working out my salvation with fear and trembling. Avoid verse ping pong. Point out that Christ promised us a church (not a bible) that hell would not prevail and christ’s 2000 year old church is still here.

It was only a few little comments that catholics said to me at one time that made me convert a few years ago.


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