Question on detraction


Is detraction only a sin against a person or can it be committed if I was to speak badly about a business who I'm frusturated with on billing issues? I was venting to my Mom earlier today about this business (a health care provider....whom my Mom also happens to work for). This health care provider sent me yet another statement showing I owed money when I have already paid my co-pay. I tried to call them, it was a few minutes or so before they closed and I was convienetly disconnected.


Although I can't speak with the authority you seek, I have to say that venting to your mom is a lot different than running down a person. I don't think running down an organization is detraction, though. It might be imprudent or unfair, but it's not an entity imbued with dignity and worth and made in the image of God, so I just don't see how it could be. Would like to hear other thoughts on the matter.


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