Question on Extraordinary Form Confirmation

Our newly adopted daughter (12) was baptized and had 1st communion earlier this year, and will be going thru the Extraordinary Form Confirmation at the Cathedral next month. Is it OK to wear the same outfit for Confirmation as 1st communion? It’s not excessively fancy but definitely formal, white/ivory, tea length, with veil and gloves. They only said to make sure the dress is conservative. I don’t want her to feel out of place. I wasn’t raised Catholic, so don’t know what the girls normally wear.


The dress sounds appropriate, but the safest way to know for sure would be to take a photo to the church secretary, or send a copy, since localities differ somewhat, and, also, the secretary can see where the neckline, sleeves, and hemline fall. She really needs to see the dress on your daughter, rather than on a hanger.

For example: I was shocked to see a new convert wearing a beautiful spaghetti-strap dress for her Baptism and First Communion this past Easter. Judging by the extreme quiet, others were equally shocked.

Best wishes to your new daughter and your family!

Thanks. The neckline is V neck but conservative, and we have a jacket with long sleeves to go over it.

It sounds like a nice dress and an appropriate outfit, but it also sounds as though you want to know what the other girls are wearing so that your daughter doesn’t stand out. Do you have contact information for other families who have daughters going through Confirmation? Maybe you could talk to them and see what they are wearing.

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