Question on games for Wii

Anyone know of any good strategy games for the WII? Either real time or turn based. Not first person shooters.



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Try the World of Goo–It is a physics based game, in which you have to build various structures with balls of goo (oil). It is very good–the structures respond in the game just as they would if you were building in real life.

There are YouTube video walkthroughs which can give you an idea of how to approach each level if you can’t figure it out.

World of Goo is our favorite game. :thumbsup:

Memoir '44.

Awesome game with a bunch of expansions.

Basically you pick a scenario that’s based on a real battle that occurred and play it out. It’s 2-player turn-based.

Thanks. Looks good. I was referring to the Nintendo Wii however.

I do enjoy WWII board games and will check it out. Love BoardGameGeek!

LOL – I was wondering which way the typo would go :slight_smile:


I’d stick with a classic, Breath of Fire II on VC.

It should be under the SNES category for 800 points.

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