Question on Haydock commentary for John 8:36


Ver. 36. Man never was without free-will; but, having the grace of Christ, his will is truly made free from the
servitude of sin. S. Austin, tract. 41. in Joan.

Can some one tell me what tract. 41 in Joan. means? Who or what is Joan? I have seen this a lot and don’t know what it means.

Thanks in advance
God Bless


It’s referring to St. Augustine’s Tractate 41 on John (with John being Joannes in Latin).


Thank you so much. Now I will be able to look up these notes for myself. I really appreciate this.

People here have never let me down. I have learned a lot here even though I don’t come around as much as I used to.
When I get stumped I know right where to go. Thanks again
God Bless


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