Question on how many people will be saved.

Is it permissible to hold the belief that, in the controversy of just how many people will be saved and how many will go to Hell, that I have no opinion either way, except to say that it does not matter if I would possibly share Hell with one person or a million, only that I want to do all I can to avoid it and reach Heaven instead? I mean to me the concept seems a lot like the stereotypical controversy of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

The Catholic Church does not give or declare any information at all about the population of Hell. That is beyond our realm of knowledge and should really not even be speculated about. The position that we do not know needs to be what we all hold to.

We don’t know how many will make it. However, the consensus among the saints is that the number will be few saved and for this reason Christ instructed us to enter through the narrow door. When he said, “narrow”, seemed he meant** NARROW**!

See below:

You know that site seems sympathetic with the Jansenist heresy, in fact, and the link is part of a larger argument for their errors, right? I mean they even go so far as to call St. Pius X a heretic!

Yes, the website does appear to be quite heretical. Some of the articles on the main page are extremely poisonous to the mind.

Yep. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!:eek::signofcross:

We truly don’t know how many are saved.
And don’t you listen to the Jehovah’s Witness who say 144,000 people will be saved,
that is a number used in Revelation, and it is an allegorical number, not a literal one.

Every time I see these topics it really makes me sick in the stomch. It makes me feel that what I am doing is not enough.

Not 100% but I did a search and found that St Padra Pio said or worte this:,%20Guardian%20Angel,%20devil.%20His%20own%20words%20on%20temptation,%20virtues,%20life…html

"I believe that not a great number of souls go to hell.

God loves us so much. He formed us at his image. God loves us beyond understanding.

And it is my belief that when we have passed from the consciousness of the world,

when we appear to be dead, God, before He judges us, will give us

a chance to see and understand what sin really is.

And if we understand it properly, how could we fail to repent?"

Seeing this makes me feel better.

Also i saw this:

One day Padre told his doctor: “I’m praying for the good death of my great-great grandfather”. But he died more than one hundred years ago!"

“Remember that for God there is no past and no future, and everything is present. So God made use at that time of the prayers I’m saying now.”

So this to me says that it is never to late to pray for the slavation of another person

Four quick points:

  1. “Few” is a relative term. If (say) out of 100 people, 80 were saved and 20 damned, 80 would still be few for God, for He desires that all men be saved. (This is not an endorsement of Universalism - we can still reject Him with our free will - but merely putting the term “few” in context.)

  2. The teachings of the Saints on the number of the saved (for example, St. Augustine’s estimate of 1 in 10) are guesses. They do not have any authoritative standing. And saints can and do err; they are not infallible. (For example, St. Augustine emphasized double predestination, while St. Ambrose endorsed an early form of Molinism. Both men can’t be right at the same time.)

  3. We must guard against the temptation to populate a large Hell with those we despise (Judas, Hitler, conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats, Muslims, etc… :D) and see ourselves as one of the “chosen few” (von Balthasar)

  4. That site is a Jansenist web site. Some of the resources are useful (quotes from Church Fathers), but any site that lists “100 Heresies of Benedict XVI” is blaspheming. :frowning:

What’s Jasenism?

Really? Sorry, I thought that was a legitimate site. My apologies. :blush: I won’t use it any more. I seem to have a lot of problems getting legitimate sources! My goodness. Honestly, I didn’t do it intentionally.

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