Question on lent?


Is it better to give up something you enjoy doing for Lent, or is it better to be a better person?


I think either one is fine, but if you think about it, we should always be striving to be better people…Lent or no Lent. I think prayer *or *fasting *or *almsgiving are all great ways to spend your Lent…if you can, I think doing all three is even better.


It’s better to do something – prayer, fasting, or almsgiving – that will help lead to the conversion of your soul.

It’s also better to use a font color that can be read. :slight_smile:


I would suggest… a little of both, actually.

Last Lent… I heard someone on EWTN say, that giving up something we like… <i.e., sweets, junkfood, smoking… etc.> is fine; but a more mature approach to Lent… is to try to get one or more major faults, under control.

That’s more my focus, THIS Lent. Hope this helps in some way.

God bless.


Actually that is what I am trying to do as well. Work on some of my major faults!!! Hopefully I can keep up always.

Hi MVeronica:curtsey:


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