Question on lust?

So I know that having sexual dreams doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. But what if you wake up from one and want to do it again? I woke up from one and tried to have another sexual dream, but I think it just ended up being lustful thoughts, because I didn’t actually go to sleep. I’ve also heard that even if you’re in a twilight state, between being asleep and awake, you still wouldn’t be held responsible. Now I knew that being in that state could make me less responsible, goading to me to still try and have another dream. So did I lust? Cuz I don’t know anymore.

Fighting hormones is a lifetime battle. Much of it we cannot control. When a dream awakens me I get on my knees and pray until the urge passes. Not a sin to have the desire, but it is a sin to give in to it.

I suggest the answer is yes you did lust…but possibly with a reduced culpability. you can ask your confessor next time you go.

For now - Repent, say an act of contrition and mention it next time you go to confession.


I would say, yes, you committed lust. Trying to have another sexual dream would be sinful.

A good way to avoid temptation is to pray the Rosary often. Also, I would highly recommend you consecrate yourself to Our Lady. Ever since I have done so, I have not received any temptation. :thumbsup:

God bless you. :blessyou:

I think that the decisions you make in your dreams are a reflection of your heart. I gave up masturbation, porn and looking lustfully at women. At first it was hard and I had to delete and throw out anything I had and train my mind to think differently. It got easier and easier and I told God i’m ready to move on to the next step. That night I had a dream where I made the decision to go for the woman who was offering herself to me. It stopped there and I woke up knowing I was not ready yet. Each time I thought I was ready I had one of these dreams and I failed until I had one finally in my dream I thought what would Jesus think NO. Then I woke up straight away with a feeling of eccstacy. Victory.

Fight the feelings you are having because you can actually beat them.

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