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Hi everyone,
So I have a question regarding marriage outside the Church that I've had for a while. Let's pretend I am Catholic and have a soon-to-be-wife who is Protestant. Pretend my soon-to-be-wife really wants to get married in her Protestant church that she grew up in. So I go to get permission from a priest or bishop, whichever one I would have to go to, for this marriage to take place outside of the Church and he says yes. Does this mean, in the eyes of the Church, this marriage will be valid even though it won't be lead by a Catholic priest or take place within the Church? Would we have to do something inside the Catholic Church before or after the wedding to make it valid in the Church's eyes? Again, just a random question.

Thanks and God bless!


If your soon to be wife is Lutherian it is valid, how it is with other Christian Churches I don't know.


If the person you describe does obtain the appropriate dispensations then the marriage is valid provided it follows the right form.

You would probably be required to undertake the normal marriage preparation required for a wedding in the Catholic Church. Your priest would fill you in on the details.


When you get a dispensation to marry outside the Catholic Church, as long as it's done in front of two witnesses it's presumed to be valid and nothing more need be done. At least in Canada, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that the marriage is recorded in your parish's register. Your parish will then transmit the information to the parish where you were baptized if they are not one and the same.

But in order to get a dispensation, Catholics have to do all the usual pre-nuptial investigation and marriage preparation that is required by their parish/diocese.

Also they have to promise that

*]they are in no danger of losing their faith,and,
*]that they will do everything in their power to have any children baptized and raised in the Catholic faith.


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