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I have a question for Catholics.
With all the talk of Mary being the spouse of the Holy Spirit and her being the Mother of God, do Catholics believe that the human form of Jesus came from an actual egg that Mary’s body had produced, then that egg was fertalized by the Holy Spirit?


I believe of course that it was Mary’s egg, exactually How that egg was fertilized only God knows for sure.


I always assumed that was the case. But I don’t think there is any Church teaching on the matter. As for me, Luke chapter 1 is clear enough.


The egg was produced by Mary’s body, and then God the Holy Spirit ensouled the egg, without the benefit of fertilization. It was ensouled in the very Person of Jesus Christ, the Word of God. Jesus’ DNA was identical in every respect to Mary’s except for the fact that He was male instead of female.

Usually what happens is that the mother’s body produces an egg, which is then fertilized by the father’s sperm - at this point it becomes a zygote, and the very moment that it becomes a zygote, God ensouls it in His image and likeness - a copy of Himself, but not actually Himself.


Jesus was “conceived” by the Holy Spirit. Then Jesus was “formed” in Mary’s womb her flesh. Her blood racing through His body.For 9 months they shared flesh and blood.

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That would seem to be the case. On this topic, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 485, says in part:The Holy Spirit, “the Lord, the giver of Life,” is sent to sanctify the womb of the Virgin Mary and divinely fecundate it, causing her to conceive the eternal Son of the Father in a humanity drawn from her own.


That seems to be the logical way of it.


Absolutely, Jesus was conceived using one of Mary’s eggs. Otherwise the Incarnation would not be true. It would be nothing more than a parlor trick.


Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Mary was a surrogate mother or a mere incubator.


Yeah, I guess I don’t understand the question. Of course Jesus was conceived from Mary’s ovum by the power of the Holy Spirit. Why would that be an issue? I guess I don’t get it. I never heard of anybody — well, anyone who accepts the incarnation and the virgin birth of Jesus — believing otherwise.


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