Question on mentioning the Bishop at Consecration


I have been wondering for quite some time as to why the Bishop if he is the Celebrant never mentions the Pope, himself and the clergy during the Consecration of the Eucharist.

From what I have noticed, every time a Bishop comes to that point in the Mass an assisting priest will say the line using the current Pope’s name, and “with [name] our Bishop and all …”

I can understand why he would obviously not mention himself but I do wonder if it is written somewhere that a priest must say it instead of a Bishop.


It’s not the issue of a bishop compared to a priest.

The rubrics call for the concelebrant (whether he is a priest or another bishop) to say aloud that particular part of the prayer. Eucharistic Prayer I the celebrant says that part, but it seems that, by coincidence, you just haven’t heard the bishop use EP I.

Since the bishop is (almost) always the main celebrant in his own diocese, that probably explains why you’ve just never heard him say those words. When he celebrates by himself (meaning without any other priest or bishop), then he does say them.

It’s just a series of coincidences that you haven’t heard him do it.


Incidentally, if the bishop is saying the line, instead of “with [name] our bishop”, the line is “with me your unworthy servant.” There’s also another variation that uses “the bishop of this place,” for when a bishop is celebrating outside his own area.


That is also what I have read.



Thanks, I have gone to mass in my area as well as in other dioceses and never seen the variation except for “[name], Bishop of this place” even when a Bishop or Archbishop was Celebrating, I guess I will just have to keep my eyes peeled and when I see the Bishop use the line for Unworthy Servant I will think back to this discussion. :slight_smile:


Whenever I have been at Masses with my bishop, he says at that point " and me, Your unworthy servant." I think that’s beautiful.


I have heard this. But it is true usually there is a priest as well so often the priest will pray this part I had wondered how the Bishop would say the line.


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