Question on misremembered sins

Okay, so yesterday, I went to Confession, and told all the sins I could remember, and Father absolved me.

Now, however, I remember a mortal sin I committed a year ago. Now I remember I have forgotten to confess it. Should I still receive Communion? I do know I have to bring it up at the next confession.

I assume you were intending to confess all mortal sins and where repentant of them and amended against such -but you just forgot one and had not been hiding it but just did not remember it.

Such would be “absolved” indirectly in that honest confession confession and one simply needs to confess it the next time and need not abstain from Holy Communion in the meantime.

Just a suggestion, you might try going to Confession on a weekly basis. Many parishes still have Confession on Saturday afternoon or evenings-and those that don’t have it before Mass starts on Sundays. If either option is not possible, enter the Sacristy about 20 minutes before Mass and when the priest arrives to put on his Vestments, just ask him to hear your confession. I have never heard of someone being denied by a priest.
Before you go to Confession, you could log onto several “Examination of Conscience” sites to prepare for Confession. You might try to write down your sins and the number of times you committed them. That would resolve your problem of forgetting old sins. You can destroy the list after your Confession.

I made a list on my notepad on my cellphone. Father even commented that was a good way to prevent losing the list. :wink:

When absolved…delete.

Confession absolves you of all your sins, unless you deliberately withhold a sin from the priest. Such is not the case here. You have been absolved, but to there’s nothing wrong with bringing it up at your next confession.

From the CCC (my bold):

1456 Confession to a priest is an essential part of the sacrament of Penance: "All mortal sins of which penitents after a diligent self-examination are conscious must be recounted by them in confession, even if they are most secret and have been committed against the last two precepts of the Decalogue; for these sins sometimes wound the soul more grievously and are more dangerous than those which are committed openly."54

When Christ’s faithful strive to confess all the sins that they can remember, they undoubtedly place all of them before the divine mercy for pardon. But those who fail to do so and knowingly withhold some, place nothing before the divine goodness for remission through the mediation of the priest, "for if the sick person is too ashamed to show his wound to the doctor, the medicine cannot heal what it does not know.


1449 The formula of absolution used in the Latin Church expresses the essential elements of this sacrament: the Father of mercies is the source of all forgiveness. He effects the reconciliation of sinners through the Passover of his Son and the gift of his Spirit, through the prayer and ministry of the Church:

God, the Father of mercies,

through the death and the resurrection of his Son

has reconciled the world to himself

and sent the Holy Spirit among us

for the forgiveness of sins;

through the ministry of the Church

may God give you pardon and peace,

and I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

I confess on a weekly basis, and on occasion I use lists to list them.

Father offers confessions almost every day, but only after the daily Mass, by the way…

If someone steals your phone, maybe the sin list will prompt them to the confessional for stealing. Then again, if they like your sin list, you may have a new best friend. :smiley:

It is an obligation to confess it in the next confession.

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