question on novenas

are all novenas supposed to be published? and when?

Publishing is never a requirement for any novena, especially if favorable results are guaranteed…

Over the centuries, the practice of making novenas grew in popularity, and inevitably, abuses developed like weeds in a garden.

One abuse is absolute guarantees of positive results. There are no absolute guarantees. Prayer must always be made according to the will of God. We pray with trust that God will give us what He knows is best for us.

Another abuse is the guarantee that a particular novena will never fail if we publish the novena prayer. These mistaken ideas can often cause great confusion and lead to superstition. Marian Helper magazine article, Fall, 1993

In case you want to follow the old custom, I found a monastery Web site that publishes “St. Jude thanks.”

Go to

I hope that helps.

I sometimes find little slips of paper in the hymnal racks on the pews which contained these “guaranteed-results” novenas.

Should they be removed and destroyed?

Absolutely! :thumbsup:

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