Question on Psalms 22:16


Can anyone answer why the writers of KJV has
"pierced my hands and feet"? Why would they change the Word of God?

when the original Hebrew is “like a lion?”

I found a kewl site where the Hebrew is parallel to the English


Torah: “like a lion, they are at my hands and my feet.”

KJV: “they pierced my hands and my feet.”

The text is obviously different but the meanings are the same. Basically, His hands and feet were ravaged. I would say the Christian translation leans more to the actual event since we know from the Gospels that the Messiah was crucified.


Would the Hebrew translation have anything to do with the changing of certain texts by Jewish scribes in the 2 century A.D.?

I have read somewhere, the source escapes me, where in order to discredit certain biblical accounts of the coming of the Messiah that some texts in the Old testament were changed to not relate to the Incarnation. Am I in the ballpark here?


I don’t believe that happened you would have to give facts to show me otherwise.

Actually, It happened that King Ptolemy gathered seventy-two sages and placed them in seventy-two houses without telling them why he had brought them together. He went to each one of them and told him, "translate for me [into Greek] the Torah of your master Moses.

The King separated these sages and each sage wrote exactly the same thing.

here is a good article:


Note that the Douay-Rhiems has “they have dug my hands and feet.” This should be an accurate translation of St Jerome’s Latin text from the Hebrew. I expect that Jewish scholars have muted the accuracy of the prophecies wherever there is a choice in the translation.


Are you thinking of the tiqqune sopherim :slight_smile: ? They are textual emendations, but they have nothing to do with the issues debated between Jews & Christians - that story, is a myth

are known only through references in Rabbinic commentaries and Masoretic studies. The nine “ancient scribal traditions” in the NIV footnotes are in Genesis 18:22; Judges 18:30; 1 Samuel 3:13; 2 Samuel 12:14; Job 7:20; 32:3; Jeremiah 2:11; Hosea 4:7 (two citations). This is but one of many types of variants…*tiqqune sopherim, **tiqqune sopherim *

For example, in the rabbinic tradition behind MT one finds the tiqqune sopherim


I’d have to dispute that suspicion. For starters, it gives undue weight to the concern the scirbes had about Jesus.


It is my understanding that the Jews love and respect the word of God that was given them too much to do anything so horrible. Rabbis of old memorized the entire Torah from childhood (dunno if they still do?) I simply cannot believe that they would change a “jot or tittle” to try to refute Christians.


You are correct.

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