Question on purity

Hi everyone :wave:

I am struggling with impure thoughts for the last while now and was just wondering if anyone knew of any way to overcome this situation. I have not acted on these thoughts.

also do you know of any prayers for purity.

thanks for help.

I know that having impure thoughts is a part of our spiritual growth, its good that you are not acting on them. What I’ve always read, what they say to do, is pray, pray, and pray. Pray to the Virgin Mary and pray to the Trinity to help you stay grounded in your faith. Also, if these impure thoughts are coming when you are in your bedroom fill your room with religious statues and crosses cruxifies anything that will help you realize that everything you do and are thinking God see’s and hear’s. And remember even if you are not in your enclosed bedroom, house or where ever you are having these thoughts, just pray. I like to keep a Rosary in my pocket. When I get nervous or start having impure thoughts I like to grap a-hold of it and it makes me remember who I am and why I am here.

I hope that helps! :smiley:

Lynette, see this post for one thing you could do to handle impure thoughts. :slight_smile:

The post was a very good one.

I would also like to mention that conscreating one’s self to Mary has a profound affect on stopping many of the thoughts. She will cover your with a mantle of purity (Her own mantle). This helps me greatly. I do this consecration several times a week. Especially when thoughts start popping in and out of my head daily. Carrying a rosary is something I do also. Just touching it in my pocket can make me focus on Jesus and Mary instead of the thoughts.

As long as satan has a chance to put things in our heads he will. As soon as you renounce the thoughts forget them. Do not let satan make you believe these thoughts are making you a bad sinner. He is a liar and a good one at that. We are human and we do make mistakes, Jesus understands that. If your heart is contrite, Jesus forgets what the sin or thought was.

God Bless!

I found this Prayer for Purity on the back of a prayer card:

Obtain for me a deep sense of modesty, which will be reflected in my external conduct.
Protect my eyes, the windows of my soul, from anything that might dim the luster of a heart that must mirror only Christ-like purity.
And when the ‘Bread of Angels’ becomes my food in Holy Communion, seal my heart forever against the suggestion of sinful pleasures.
May I be among the number of those of whom Jesus spoke; “Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God.”

My dear friend

Pray to Mary. Distract yourself by getting absorbed in wholesome reading. Respond with penance. If your not indulging them no sin though. You gain greatly by conquering temptation. Your victories will make you strong and stronger and eventually they will go, or be of very little bother. Our whole life here is one big test. We’re being tested to see if we’re worthy of heaven. So I think it’s good to be tried, it shows God wants us in heaven. God has to have something to reward us for - think of that perhaps. And we get a big reward if we struggle.

God bless you:):thumbsup:

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