Question on readings on mass

My question concerns the readings at mass. Is a priest (or bishop) allowed to replace the 2nd reading by a letter from the cardinal? The reason I ask this is because this is exactly what happened this morning at mass…

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I a way, I find that sort of funny because the second reading is usually a letter to one of the early Churches.

But no, not now. The readings in the Liturgy of the Word are meant to be from the canon of Sacred Scripture (in this case, something from the New Testament). A letter from a cardinal, if it really needed to be read, would be better off being read at the homily (or if it’s short, in the announcements near the end of Mass).

Well, not unless he had Papal permission!

Was that a joke? I seriously doubt the Holy Father would permit such a divergence from the liturgy. Even though it is in his authority, there is already a perfectly suitable time to read such a letter: after the post-Communion prayer and before the final blessing. Reading it during the homily might also be an option, depending on whether the subject of the letter related to the day’s readings or if it was on administrative matters.

Alright that seems to make more sense… since both readings are supposed to be read

:(Another liturgical abuse for my parish…pray for my parish [edited] & for the Archdiocese of Montreal

It is also illicit to omit or to substitute the prescribed biblical readings on one’s own initiative, and especially “to substitute other, non-biblical texts for the readings and responsorial Psalm, which contain the word of God”. (Redemptionis Sacramentum 62)

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