Question on receiving communion if not catholic


we were having the discussion on receiving communion (neighbors trying to find a Christmas service, they’re non-denominational, I said they would be welcome to come to our mass, but could not recieve) – my DH pointed out that (the) Cardinal Ratzinger gave communion to a non-catholic German minister at one point in his “career” – and maybe things had changed that we didn’t know about seeing as he tends to be so very traditional…which led to my disbelief, b/c it’s kind of my thought that even if the Church had said “ok, anyone can receive” he strikes me as the type to say “maybe so, but not at my hand!” – kwim? Can anyone clear this up for me? Thanks


Not Catholic = no Eucharist.

**It’s really not that big a deal to go anyhow though. My dh has always gone with us although he isn’t Catholic. We even had my non-Catholic in-laws attend a mass that was followed by an awards ceremony for one of our sons. ****My dh just stays in the pew. **

It’s not as though they will be the only people still in the pew while others receive or anyone would think to say anything to them about it. There’s always a sizable number that do not go up for whatever reason.

**Especially at Christmas. You’d be surprised how many people of various denominations attend our midnight mass just because they are in town with family or just because they think no one puts on “a show” like they do at a Catholic Cathedral.:wink: **


Dear Leaner,

Participation in the Eucharist is reserved for properly initiated Catholics in a state of grace (having committed no mortal sins since their last good confession). Check the CCC and encyclical letters on the Eucharist (such as Ecclesia de Eucharistia).

As to Benedict XVI’s having given a non-Catholic Communion, if he did, I seriously doubt that he did so with knowledge of the status of that individual as a non-Catholic.

Regardless of what Benedict XVI allegedly did as a cardinal does not mean that Communion can be distributed to non-Catholics. The popularity of an abuse does not make it legitimate

God bless, Merry Christmas,



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