Question on satanic music

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section (maybe it’s the right one though). Well in any case, if I did, I’m sorry, but can you answer me this:

Is it a grave sin to listen to music that blasphemes or rather uses the theme of angels/demons/hell in a song, but for the wrong purposes.

What I mean is for example, in Kurt Cobain’s “Lake of Fire”, there is a lot of religious vocabulary used (for entertainment). This is an extract of the lyrics from the song (Lake of Fire):

"Where do bad folks go when they die? They don’t go to Heaven where the angels fly. They go to a Lake of Fire and Fry!! See em again till the forth of July! I know of a lady who came from duluth, she got bid by a rabid’s tooth, she went to her grave just a little too soon, flew away howling on the yellow moon!"

So obviously my question is whether these types of lyrics are considered satanic and whether it’s a grave sin if we listen to it.

I’m not getting why they’d be considered satanic or entertainment.
Those lines of this particular song don’t say anything much different than what one would find reading about hell in the bible, I don’t think.
The song is just another form of expression. If one looked at a painting in a Cathedral or museum that depicted hell…or a line in a hymn that talked about hell…same thing. Another way to express it.

How could it be a grave sin? So what you’re saying is that if someone died after listening to this song that they would be eternally damned? It is not a grave sin to listen to songs such as this.

Thank you both of you! Yes I am aware that the question was probably silly, but I just simply wondered about whether it’s a sin to sing about hell,demons etc…
I haven’t been a real catholic (definately not in practice) for probably 10 years at least, so I need to get back on my feet.
But YES, once again thanks. One of my many questions have been answered, and everything related to it as well as a result :). Your comments were greatly appreciated.

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