Question on Saul (St. Paul)

When Saul was converted and blinded, did he see an apparition of Jesus, or did he see Jesus like the Apostles did after the first Easter?

So was the Jesus Saul saw a vision like some saints have seen, or did Saul see Jesus body and blood like I see my brother?

I have always been under the impression Saul saw a vision (or more specifically heard a voice) but I was thinking about this and now I’m not really sure.

So what did Saul see?


Acts 9:7 > The men traveling with Saul stood there speechless; they heard the sound but did not see anyone.

Acts 22:9 > The men who were with me saw the light. They were afraid. But they did not hear the one who spoke to me.

So it was a vision? Got it.

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The men with Paul saw the light and were blinded, So Jesus was clearly there. If it was just a vision then it whould of affected only Paul, and Paul went blind for 3 days and had to be led away. Therefore it was a physical experiance as well as a spiritual one. So the way I see it Jesus was there with Paul face to face in His glorified Body.

And this encounter with the living Christ was the basis of Paul’s being regarded as an Apostle (by himself, and eventually by the rest of the Apostles).

Paul was confronted by the risen Lord and in his glorified body.

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